Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Review: Missha The Style Art Designing Sebum Cut Pact: Clear Mint

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about Missha's The Style Art Designing Sebum Cut Pact in Clear Mint! I've had this pressed powder for a long time and it usually lives in my handbag as a blotting powder, but I decided to pull it out for a super quick review today! 
"Fine sebum cut powder and mungbeans powder absorb excessive sebum to keep soft and bright makeup. - Marine collagen and aloe extract prevent skin dryness while green tea extract and bamboo extract sooths skin."(1)
This powder has the faintest mint colour, but doesn't seem to too much for my redness (green neutralizes red). The powder works OK for controlling excess oil, but it's really nothing that special. It doesn't keep my face super matte, but it also doesn't suck completely. The packaging is great for keeping in bags because it's quite slim, and also has a separator for the little puff to keep it hygienic.
I use this powder the most for touching up throughout the day, and it does a fine job of controlling oil for about 3 hours which is fine for a touch up product. The puff that comes with the powder is quite nice too, it's soft, squishy and picks up the powder well.

What I Love
- Great packaging
- Inexpensive ($9USD)
- Great for touch-ups (shine free for 3 hours)

What I Don't Love
- "Mint" colouring doesn't colour correct efficiently
- Doesn't soothe skin or prevent dryness
- Not the best for oil control
Final Thoughts
I love this powder pact for emergency touch ups throughout the day, but it's not my favourite powder to use regularly because it doesn't have the best oil controlling powers. It's currently my most used up powder (I've hit pan thoroughly) and I will definitely use the whole powder, but I probably wouldn't repurchase it again because I think I can find a better pressed powder on the market! ^.^ I would definitely recommend this powder for anyone who wants a soft matte finish and doesn't have particularly oily skin!


  1. Thanks for the review! c: I think this could work for me, but I'm not too sure about how the green tone would turn out on my skin. ;u;

    1. You're welcome! ^.^ The green tone isn't so strong, so you should be ok


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