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Review: Beauteque Head to Toe Skinfood Bag

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Beauteque Head to Toe Skinfood Bag! This bag was kindly sent to me for review by Beauteque! Beauteque is a US based subscription service that offers a couple of different types of subscription bags, this one in particular is the Head to Toe bag (not to be confused with Jen from From Head to Toe)
"Beauteque’s Head to Toe bags are another valuable bundle of products available monthly. One can expect 6 to 8 full-sized products in their Head to Toe bag! The Head to Toe bag is also always uniquely themed. Past themes have included: spa day, milk, aloe, and lip essentials. Head to Toe bags have included masks, body lotions, primers, beauty tools, and many, many more items. Head to Toe bags are usually a value between $65-$85 and are sold for less than $30. The amazing variety one can find in a Head to Toe bag, along with the incredible value, is why this is always one of our hottest sellers."(1)
My package took one week to travel from America to New Zealand and I found it a little odd that nothing in the bag was bubble wrapped, including a little glass bottle. I'm actually quite surprised that the glass bottle survived, but there wasn't much wiggle room in that box anyway. I love that this bag has a little description card inside, so handy!
"Skinfood, a well-known brand established in South Korea in 1957, follows the motto, “Good food for the health is also good food for the skin.” All of their products are made from different types of food. Each food has a different skin property including: moisturizing, soothing, cooling, and more. Beauteque chose six great products from this brand that we believe will be most liked!"(1)

 Skinfood Watermelon Embossing Cleansing Tissue - $21.00
This watermelon extract cleansing tissue dissolves pore colgging oil and makeup leaving skin soft and hydrated.

To Use: Take a wipe and wipe skin gently to remove makeup and impurities.
I am weirdly in love with these cleansing tissues! I very rarely use cleansing tissues, but I love these for those mornings where I've totally slept in way too late and don't have time for a full cleansing routine. They smell absolutely gorgeous and give me nostalgic feelings of Watermelon Impulse Deodorant (that EVERYBODY wore during Intermediate school) and they are super moist and soft. They dissolve face make up well, but they don't do a good job on waterproof eye liner or mascara.

Skinfood  Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream - $10.00
This neck cream contains adenosine and grape seed oil which will provide wrinkle care and smoothing effects to your neck.

To Use: Apply desired amount onto neck and gently massage in an upward motion.
This neck cream is super thick and has a gorgeous musky floral scent. I've never used a neck cream before, so I'm super interested to see if I see any long term results from using this!

Skinfood My Short Cake Setting Mascara - $ 11.00
This mascara will coat your eyelashes without smudging to provide long curls and rick eyelashes.

To Use: Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler first for the best effect. Then gently lift your eyelids with your fingers and apply the mascara on the roots, Then lightly shake the brush upwards to your lashes.
I'm always interested in trying out new mascaras and this is no exception! I currently have 2/3 mascaras in use, so I will be saving this one for later. It has quite a wet formula and a standard bristle brush.

Skinfood Deep Sea Water Mask - $3.00
This is a soft cotton mask that contains deep sea water and minerals which makes skin clean and clear.

To Use: Remove film from mask and place tightly on skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Then remove the ask and pat in excess liquid.
I'm really into doing sheet masks right now, because I'm on acne medication I don't' have to be frightened of ingredients breaking my skin out - Yay! I haven't tried out either of these sheet masks yet, but I hope they are nice!

Skinfood Glacier Water Mask - $3.00
This is a cotton mask that includes glacier water which provides a soothing and cool feeling through moist essence being absorbed by skin. 

To Use: Remove film from mask and place tightly on skin for 15 to 30 minutes. Then remove the mask and pat in excess liquid.

Skinfood Nail Vita Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner - $8.00
This cleaner containing pineapple extract removes dead skin cells around the nails leaving them soft and smooth.

To Use: Apply desired amount onto your fingernails and toenails, then leave on for 15 seconds until it softens the cuticles.
I definitely mistook this little glass bottle for a very fancy cuticle oil, but it's actually a cleanser! I'm not sure what Pineapples have to do with anything in this product, but it seems to work quite well for melting off excess cuticle on the nail.

What I Love
- Great quality bags
- Quick shipping
- Interesting products in bags, not the normal cutesy things

What I Don't Love
- I worry for un-bubble wrapped glass
- Slightly expensive shipping to New Zealand

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed this subscription bag from Beauteque, and am definitely considering subscribing to one of their monthly bags! I think it's so neat that you can get a bag delivered to your door each month and the contents of the bag were really interesting, not the usual cutesy sort of thing that you tend to get with Asian Beauty bags done by other companies. There was a great range of products, they are all full size and come with a little blurb and instructions, I was just a little concerned that fragile items weren't protected quite enough for me to be satisfied!

Thank you so much to Beauteque for sending this bag to me for a review! If you're interested in a full review of any of these products, leave a comment down below and I'll make sure to review them for you! ^.^


  1. All of the products look nice! I love Skinfood stuff, but I never seem to buy any of it ;~;
    Those makeup removing wipes do seem to be good though~

    1. I always seem to buy Skinfood Skincare rather than their cosmetics, so it was nice to try a mascara from them! The wipes seriously smell soo good! ^^


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