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First Impression: Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss Foundation

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Meow Cosmetics foundation in the Pampered Puss formula! I purchased five shades of these foundations including a white mixer so that I could figure out which shade (and kitty!) worked best with my skin tone.

What Does It Do?
"Pure 100% Natural Mineral Foundation
Available in 3 Formulations!
Purrr-fection has never been more attainable!

All of our formulations are:

    Totally non-comedogenic

    Won't clog pores

    86 shades w/coordinating concealers!

    long wearing & comfortable

    layerable coverage without shine

All ingredients are *NOT* created equal:  While our ingredients may look the same as other mineral foundation, they are not.  All mineral ingredients are not created equal,  there are many different variables all of which have great impact on the quality of the finished product.    We tested hundreds of different formulations until we produced a product that we were truly proud of.  If we don't love it, we won't sell it.  Try it and see!

Pampered Puss has the same coverage, texture and feel of our original Purrr-fect Puss, but it's formulation has been completely redesigned with the most delicate and irritation prone skin in mind. 

 It's everything you love about Purrr-fect Puss combined with the numerous skin protection and soothing benefits of Zinc Oxide!

If you liked Purrr-fect Puss, but feel your sensitive, or itch prone skin STILL needs a little something more, than you'll LOVE Pampered Puss.  Designed to soothe and calm, it will amaze you with it's sheer, layerable coverage.

Matte and layerable, never shiny, and not heavy, don't miss Pampered Puss!"(1)

Let's start by talking about the formula of this foundation. I struggled with this formula for quite some time, only to realise that I really just needed to use more product, and use a better moisturising base. In my defence though, you can't exactly swirl your brush well in these teeny little sample bags. 

This formula doesn't work well with any uneven skin as you can see on some of the remaining pimples I have, it's not great for flakey skin. I have quite dry skin right now (due to acne medication) and this doesn't affect the application of the foundation at all, but it's the flakey bits around the old pimples that causes the rough texture which is the problem.
These foundations are really easy to apply using a round or angled kabuki brush with a buffing technique. You can build the coverage up, but I find that if I do more than two layers my skin looks powdery, dry and it makes the hair on my face much more apparent. Two layers of foundation isn't enough to cover my dark acne scars and red skin. I didn't find that this foundation wore off at all throughout the day, though I highly suspect that this is the Oratane's work rather than the foundation, as I don't produce ANY oil whatsoever while on this medication. I will try to update this when I'm off the acne medication.

Snow Lynx
"Breed: Snow Lynx 
(No Undertones)

You may be a Snow Lynx if: 
You are *extremely fair skinned, very pale"(1.5)
This is the lightest shade of the foundations, and has no undertones. It's probably the brightest of all of the shades that I trialled and it's really really white!
This shade doesn't work so well for me because I have strong yellow undertones, but also redness on my skin. It does however work really well over the top of a foundation that's a little too dark, but I have to press it into the skin and dust off any excess rather than buffing it on top of a liquid foundation.

"Breed: Abyssinian
(Yellow & Beige)

You may be an Abyssinian if:
you have predominantly yellow undertones with beige"(2)
Abyssinian is a little beige for my skin. It's predominantly beige rather than yellow, so the colour looks a little off. It's super pale, probably the fairest out the the coloured shades (not Snow Lynx which has no undertones) and oddly enough is too pale for my skin, whaat!
You can really see the difference in tones between my face and chest in this photo. Not really a good colour match.

"Breed: Siamese 

You may be a Siamese if: 
you have creamy undertones, with no dominant peach or pink, but you may see a bit of yellow, peach, pink and beige."(3)
I wasn't so sure what to think of this shade, as I can't even see it when I swatch it on my arm! It's actually not too bad for colour, though I feel like since it doesn't cover my redness or scarring it throws the shade off a little.

It's not too bad of a colour, but it could be better!

"Breed: Manx 

You may be a Manx if:
You have yellow undertones with some peach"(4)
Manx isn't too far off the mark, but I feel like it still needs to be more yellow. I can definitely get away with this shade so I'll totally keep using it, but it's not as perfect as it could be.
Not a bad shade, but not perfect.

Breed: Angora 

 You may be an Angora if:
*you have strong pure yellow undertones, with no or little beige peach or pink
*you need to cover redness from acne, rosacea, or ruddiness"(5
This shade looks so brightening on the swatch, but matches my skin quite well. It's on the lighter side which is definitely a new thing for me, and I think I could benefit with some colour correcting for my redness, but this is the closest match so far!
It's like having filtered skin. It still looks like my skin (scars, redness and roughness) but like a better version.

Would I Purchase This Product?
Potentially the Angora and Snow Lynx shades, but I'm not certain if I prefer the Pampered Puss or Flawless Feline formula yet, so stay tuned to see which ones it better for my scarred, red skin! ^.^

I would definitely recommend these foundations for any Princesses that are wanting inexpensive mineral foundations which are cruelty free, and have trouble getting a good match for their skin tone, whether it's super pale or super dark, Meow Cosmetics has 86 different shades to choose from and with $1 sample bags you really can't go too wrong! (:


  1. I purchased one in spring and kinda didn't use it much til now. Now it works for me better (it's autumn) and I'm thinking of purchasing more. I love how invisible it looks on good skin days and totally matches the color. Although, I am using now pretty much heavy cream as I've got dry skin. I apply it with Any Cushion's puff xD

    1. Ooh you apply it with a cushion puff? That's an interesting technique! Yeah I found them nicer in cooler weather in comparison to warm summer weather! Thanks for commenting! ^ ^

  2. $1 a bag?! Definitely would want to try these out - I've never tried a mineral foundation before, but it looks so nice! 86 different shades is definitely the most I've seen a shop/brand offer. o_o
    Junniku blog!

    1. $1 a sample bag is an amazing deal, especially with so many shades to choose from! ><

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