Monday, 28 September 2015

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Etude House Help My Finger Pack

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Help My Finger Nail Finger Pack! I picked this cute little finger treatment pack in Taipei because it looked really interesting, but as it turns out, it's not very useful at all.

This Nail Finger Pack moistens and brightens up frequently colored, dull fingernails and its surrounding area.

How to use
1. Wash hands and cut along the pouch's dotted line.

2. Cover thumbs with the largest sheet and other fingers with smaller sheets.

3. Remove sheets after 10-15 minutes and gently absorb remaining contents into fingernails surrounding areas."(1)

I love that each hand is separated into two pouches there is also a lot of excess fluid in the pack even though the finger sheets are soaked.
There are two sides to the finger sheets, one side is dotted and one side is smooth. I found that the smooth side stuck better to the finger, so I recommend putting that side on your nails. The finger sheets are very much like a face sheet mask, cold and wet.
However unlike a face sheet mask, these finger sheet masts don't really seem to do anything at all. They don't moisturise my fingers and leave my cuticles as dry they were before.
  What I Love
- Inexpensive ($3USD)
- Easy to use

What I Don't Love
- Doesn't do anything for dry fingers and cuticles
- Doesn't brighten up fingers
- Helpless for 10-15mins

Final Thoughts
This nail mask is incredibly pointless. It didn't give my nails any hydration or brighten them up at all, it just makes me helpless for the next 10-15mins while I have the finger masks on!

I wouldn't really recommend this Nail Pack for anyone, seriously just save your money and buy a good cuticle oil! ^.^


  1. First time I hear of this! Good to know it's pointless!! :))

    1. Haha saving one unneeded purchase at a time! ^ ^

  2. Ah, it's a shame these don't work well! I saw them before and considered buying them- but now I'll know not to
    Thanks for the helpful review!

  3. Gimmicky. ;( Damn. Cute idea, though.

    1. Some gimmicks pay off, some not so much. Ahh well!

  4. These are always pretty cheap, and I sometimes throw it in my basket. Never works though -_- waste of time for me, but IDK WHY I KEEP TRYING LOL. -_-;;;;
    Junniku blog!

    1. Because they're so cute and interesting! >< Etude House markets so well too!

  5. Replies
    1. So much fun, but a whole 10 minutes of doing nothing ><


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