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Store Review - Etude House Global

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping adventure with a super new store - Etude House Global store! Obviously Etude House is not a new brand, but this is the first time I've been able to order directly from their store and not through another store that stocks Etude House. I placed an order literally on the first day that they opened their store because they had some cute little freebie tempters advertised and I just can't help myself! I love freebies and sales, it's just in my nature ^.^

Website Practicality
The website is aesthetically very pleasing for me, but potentially quite vomit inducing for some considering it's very very pink and princesses themed. Obviously I enjoy both pink and princesses so I love the aesthetics of the site, but I can appreciate that others may not feel the same way! I like that they have separate tabs for Face, Lips, Nails etc across the top and a massive search bar so I find it really easy to navigate!  

Price Comparison
I found this to be such an interesting comparison, do Etude House Global sell their products for more or less than other stores do? So just like usual, I've added one of the Etude House Princess Etoienette Lipsticks to my cart and picked shipping to New Zealand. (Prices in NZD)

Etude House Global
Lipstick $16.56 + Shipping $10.79 = $27.35

Lipstick $15.69NZD + Shipping $4.80 = $20.49

Lipstick $13.19 + Shipping $5.55 = $18.74

Lipstick $17.40 + Shipping $8.93 = $26.33

Umm what! It's more expensive to purchase from Etude House Global store than it is to purchase from other stores that stock Etude House! To be fair, the pricing of the products is fine, but it's the shipping that kills me. I'm not sure if it's the same for other countries, so if you've shopped with Etude House Global, let me know how the shipping cost was for you! 

Shipping and Packaging
I ordered on the 2nd of October and received my order on the 20th of October which is not too bad considering I shopped in their first day of opening! My order came in a super cute Etude House box (which was damaged by the couriers of course) and all of the products were safely wrapped in bubble wrap! Nothing was damaged in transit apart from the box, so I was quite happy with that!
 They also included a little order form which is cute! 
I'll quickly run through some first impressions of these products, obviously I haven't had them for very long so they will be rather vague! ^.^ Let me know as always if you would like to see any of these in a full review!

Ahh another of the Etoinette range! Am I addicted? Yes. This smells exactly like the Etoinette Perfume (very floral and rosey) and makes my hair smell delicious! I haven't noticed it making my hair shiny or moisturized, so I can't really comment on that just yet!
These are insanely cute! They're quite small little bottles but I just think the idea behind them is adorable!
The white polish actually has a striper brush (not a full brush) but the polish itself is really lovely and pigmented whereas the bottle of glitter has this little rubber scooper thing which makes the glitter stick to it to get it out of the bottle! It also works super well to pick up the glitter and place it on the nail. Those bunny faces are adorable though!
These mini tints are the perfect size for handbags, but I purchased them so I could try out the formula! I love mini sizes of cosmetics and skincare, because when have I ever used a whole lipstick? Kinda never to be honest!
I've only tried this colour so far, but I was very surprised by the formula of this product! I was expecting more of a watery stain, but they have quite creamy formula and aren't quite as pigmented as they come off on the skin. It's hard to describe!
 I think I will do a separate review on these after I've tried the other colours!
I already knew that I love the Rosy Tint Lips, so I decided to grab two more! Number 8, After Blossom is one that I was struggling to find, so I decided to grab it while I could! It's not as dark of a colour as I thought it would be, but it's still gorgeous!
I'm not so sure about number 7! It sheers out to a lovely nude, but the full application looks quite orange/brown which is so not my thing!
With my order I got these super cute freebies! ^.^ There is a gorgeous pink tote bag and a whole bunch of sample packets!
 What I Love
- Great website (pretty and princessey!)
- Great range
- Should have newer releases faster than other stores (I assume)
- Cute boxed packaging (yeah, I love that)

What I Don't Love
- Expensive shipping

Final Thoughts
Even though I enjoyed shopping with Etude House Global, the shipping rate is a little high for me to be shopping there often. I would definitely shop with EHG if they had sales/free shipping promo or items that I couldn't get anywhere else! ^.^ 

Have you shopped with Etude House Global before? How was your experience?


  1. Ohh I tried Etude House's Rosy Tint Lips a while ago but I did not like it very much~ ^ v ^

    1. Aw no! What did you dislike about them? They're one of my favorite lip products ^.^

    2. The texture was a little too drying on my lips is all! ^ ___ ^

  2. Your blog is so lovely, I really enjoy your posts! Anytime you post about Etude House, it makes me want to try all the products you mention :)


    1. Haha I know what you mean, Etude House is so hard to resist! ^.^ Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Shipping issue :( Thank you for sharing ~~

    1. Oh no, did you have shipping issues? Or just pricey shipping? :C

  4. I didn't know you can shop directly from Etude House :o there's also an Etude House Global on eBay that's been there for a long time and their prices are always more expensive than others, not sure if that is the same person thou. I want those rosy tint lip ^^ have been on my wishlist for awhile now ♥ Great haul!


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