Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review - Etude House Perfect Brow Kit (No.01 Natural Brown)

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House - Perfect Brow Kit in No.01 Natural Brown! I purchased this little eyebrow compact around this time last year from Roseroseshop for $9USD (although it's down to $7USD now! This has been my go-to brow set since I purchased it, because it comes with almost everything I need to create natural yet defined brows on the go! ^.^
As with everything from Etude House - the Perfect Brow Kit comes in absolutely gorgeous outer packaging, although I do find the actual product packaging quite boring in comparison to the cardboard box. It's very functional and easy to keep clean though!
There are no English instructions on the packaging, but from what the website and pictures suggest these are their steps

1; Use spooley to groom brow surface
2; Use wide brush to gather and apply colour to brow hairs along direction of natural hair growth
3; Use angled brush to define and extend colour to brow edges and tips
4; Use wide brush to gather and apply highlighter to brow edges and tips  
These little brushes are absolutely miniature! You can see a comparison of the brushes to my pinkie finger and it always gives me the giggles because it looks like I have a really massive pinkie finger! The brow kit comes with a super finely milled shimmery highlight, a warm medium coloured brown and a cool dark brown. I use both of these browns for my brows and I also use them to contour my eyes! The highlighter is absolutely gorgeous and fits my pale skin like a little dream. It is obviously very pale, so if you have a darker complexion this my a look a little bright and chalky. Even though this brow kit is "Natural brown" the dark brown is actually quite dark, so definitely not suitable for light eyebrows.
I use the warm coloured brown to fill in the start of my brow, then the cool coloured dark brown to fill in the rest of the brow. I have very dark eyebrow hairs but they are quite sparse, so filling in my brows is definitely a must for me!
I also use the brow kit to contour my eyes! The brow powder isn't as easy to blend as a regular shadow, but in a pinch it's totally workable. I use the warm brown to define my crease, the cool brown to enhance my Aegyo Sal (eye bags), and the brow highlight to brighten up my inner eye. I bumped up the contrast a little so you can actually see the contour as I usually do it very subtly! I'm also trialling some new prescription lenses from GEO - what do you think of them?

I very rarely use the little mini angled brush that come with the palette because it's very very stiff! It still works fine, but it's just not very pleasant to use. On the other hand, the little wide brush on the other side of the angled brush is absolutely lovely to use, super soft and picks up and transfers the colour so well!

What I Love
- Perfect colours for my complexion
- Great for travel (has everything I need)
- Sturdy packaging for travelling
- Multi-functional (brows and shadows!)

What I Don't Love
- Highlighter may not work well on darker complexions
- The angle brush is quite stiff (although it still works well enough)
- No brow gel (personal preference)
- Lightest colour is still quite dark
Final Thoughts
I absolutely love this little Eyebrow kit! I do wish that they had included a brow gel since I personally prefer using a brow gel with brow powder, and that the little angled brush was a little softer, but other than that I think it's a super functional little brow palette which works amazingly for traveling too! I've been using it for a whole year now and have only put a teeny dent in each of the products too, so I think it's going to last me a little while! ^.^

What's your go-to brow kit?


  1. We have the same sentiments regarding this product. It can even be one of my fave brow product if only it has a brow gel or brow wax haha! Nice review!

    1. Brow wax would make this the perfect little travel palette! ^.^


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