Sunday, 9 November 2014

Store Review - Dainty Store/Storenvy

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a super cute store that I found through storenvy called Danity Store! Currently the store is closed and none of the things I purchased are in stock so this seems like a mega pointless review, but here we are anyway! I'll do my best to find the same/similar items for you all to buy somewhere else if you like what you see! ^.^

Website Practicality
I shopped through Storenvy and not the actual website (which is not up at the moment anyway) which is fine because I love shopping through Storenvy! I find Storenvy super fun to browse through, you can "watch" certain stores to create a personalised feed and "envy" items with a single click of a button which makes my wishlist absolutely massive! You can purchase through Storenvy (which is my preference) because all of your history is stored on your Storenvy account and you can contact the sellers with one click. It's almost too easy to spend way too much money!

Price Comparison
Their prices are very competitive, not too high but also  not dirt cheap. I found them very reasonable, although the shipping was a little high at $17USD. I found it hard to compare pricing since I struggled to find the items I purchased anywhere else, but here are two options:

Kitten Tights; Dainty Store - $8.00 VS Cute Kawaii Harujuku - $14.99
Pink Heart Hangers; Dainty Store - $4 VS Ebay - $6.85

I think it really does depend on what you purchase!  

Shipping and Packaging
The store packaging was absolutely fine, everything was brand new, tagged and in plastic wrap, and the whole thing was wrapped in a regular brown bubble wrap bag. The issue with the packaging was that it was open when it got to me. The bottom left image is how the package got to me, I didn't open it, and I'm incredibly surprised that nothing fell out!! I don't believe that this is the stores fault at all, it could've just been torn en route, but this is the first time I've ever had this happen to me! 

The $17USD shipping came with a tracking number, but still took over a month to get to me which is a little irritating considering the high shipping cost. 
First up I have these adorable Pink Flocked Heart Hangers!
I love love love these little hangers! They have pink flocking on them which makes them feel quite soft and velvety, and the fact that they're pale pink makes it even better! I purchased 5 hangers for $4USD which is an amazing price since they are twice that price on Ebay! They're great for hanging delicate items like silk dresses, or clothes that would usually slip and slide off. You can grab 5 of these hangers from Ebay for $8.80NZD (no shipping fee) which is quite comparable to Dainty Store!
Next up are these super cute black knitted kitten tights! I really like these tights overall, but I dislike that the cat face has glitter threaded through the stitching. There was no mention of glitter faced cats in the product description, and as you can see the thread falls out all the time and generally looks quite disheveled. The feet are quite roomy, so if you have smaller feet like I do, you may want to shrink the tights or modify the feet (This is how I modify mine!). But they're super thick, opaque and warm so I love them anyway! I paid $8USD for these which I consider a very good price, but you can buy an identical pair of Kitten Tights here for $14.99USD.
The last item I bought from Dainty Store was this ultra cute pink Hooded Babydoll dress! I saw this dress and even though the price is quiet high at $35USD I couldn't resist buying it! I have very mixed feelings about this dress, because it's so super cute, but it's just so not worth $35. It has quite a thin fabric, so I need to wear a slip underneath to avoid showing my undergarments, and it's quite short and tight for me. It's not very warm considering it's got long sleeves because the fabric is quite thin. I also don't love that it says Fairy on the chest, and I would purchase it in all different colours if it was just a plain pink hooded dress. For those reasons I rarely wear this dress, and when I do I wear it with a light knitted jumper over the top so you can't see the lettering.
What I Love
- Super cute products
- Majority are well priced
- Tracked shipping
- Based in Storenvy which I love to shop in!

What Don't Love
- Higher shipping than I would usually pay
- Some items not accurately described
- Slow shipping

Final Thoughts
I'm not totally sure about my shopping experience with Dainty Store! I absolutely love their products, and the price point for the majority of items is well priced, but I was a little shocked at how flimsy the dress was for $35. I absolutely love the little heart coat hangers and want to purchase more of them! It's kinda hard to review a store that isn't particularly open anymore, but I'll be sure to update this review if/when it opens again! ^.^

Have you seen this pink dress for sale somewhere else? I can't find it anywhere! -.-


  1. Ohh the heart-shaped hanger is adorable! ^ - ^

  2. oh i love those hangers! :)) cute! and your items as well :) Can't wait to see your OOTD post for that


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