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Review - Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Skincare

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the super pretty Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Skincare! Just like the Ma Cherie hair care review by Qiuqiu, I was sucked into purchasing this line of skincare by Xiaxue who wrote a very convincing review on this skincare line. Since this line of skincare is not available in  New Zealand, my lovely and long suffering boyfriend bought these for me in Taipei last year and bought them back for me. (seriously though, his suitcase was so full of skincare and cosmetics it was quite overweight ><)! 
I initially put off trying this skincare line because I was on acne medication for the first third of this year and I didn't want to potentially irritate my skin while it was being temperamental, which is why this review has taken 6 months, so lets get onto it!

First up we have the Gentle Cleansing Foam! 
 This cleanser is a very cute shade of baby pink and has a gel formula. I find it very difficult to get this cleanser to foam, it only really foams when I'm rinsing it off, which is why the foam looks so sparse and wet. 
It's super duper gentle, but it's so gentle that I don't really find that this cleanses my skin very well, it also leaves my skin feeling quite dry if I don't moisturize asap which I do not like. I'll be using the entire bottle of this when I double cleanse, but I wouldn't repurchase this product because it just doesn't really work for me.

Essence Lotion
I couldn't use this product on my face. It broke me out SO badly, I don't know why, but it did it on three separate occasions, and three is enough! It has a very thin gel like consistency and almost smells like alcohol, but is still the sweetest smelling of the four products. 
I found that the three times I used this lotion that it gave me the lightest moisturise possible, and took forever and a half to absorb into my skin. I was not a fan of this product. 

Moisturizing Cream SPF21/PA+++
This moisturizing cream is a super cute baby pink colour and is really quite thick for what is supposed to be a day cream. I love that it has SPF21 but potentially because of the higher SPF level it does leave a white cast on my face! 
I actually quite like this moisturizer, it works really well under makeup because it is quite thick and moisturizing. I did however find that it gets caught on dry skin making it look drier and flakier, and I have to be quite careful to rub it all in since it can leave white streaks (like you can see around my eyes).

 Intensive Whitening Mask
The masks are my absolute favorite out of the entire line. They are the cutest baby pink colour, smell like cherry blossom and make my face feel super soft and firm! 
The masks don't have any backing to them, so you need to peel the mask apart very gently. It feels like super soft cottony fabric which is lovely to feel on the face, but the only problem I have with this mask is that it doesn't fit my face very well. I have a lot of issues with sheet masks because I have quite a high nose bridge/massive nose, and obviously since this line of skincare was specifically made for Asian skin that doesn't really help. The biggest problem is that since the mask is stretched so tightly over my nose, it pulls the eye holes of the mask inwards so the mask is pressed right up against my eyes which makes my eyes very irritated.
 I don't really think that this mask whitens my skin, but it does make it feel lovely and plump!

What I Love
- Mask is amazing
- All products smell lovely (like cherry blossom!)
- Products are pink (Major points for me)

What I Don't Love
- Cleanser doesn't really cleanse
- Lotion breaks me out and isn't moisturizing
- Moisturizer isn't super nourishing
- Moisturizer leaves white cast

Final Thoughts
I'm very 50/50 with this skincare line! On one hand I love the mask and quite like the moisturiser, on the other hand the Lotion was a major fail and the cleanser just doesn't really cleanse! I don't think these products whiten or brighten the skin, nor do I think they provide rosy radiance or satin softness. I'm not sure if it's because I don't have Asian skin (which this skincare line is specifically for) or what! I will definitely be repurchasing the masks when I return to Taipei though! ^.^

Have you tried the Garnier Sakura line? Did you love it or hate it?


  1. Ohh the Essence Lotion looks precious! ^ w ^

  2. thank you so much for reviewing them I was curious because of the name sakura :))


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