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Store Review - Gracie Lou Cosmetics

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a New Zealand based beauty website called Gracie Lou Cosmetics! I've always been aware of Gracie Lou as store but never purchased from them because I can find the products that they stock cheaper elsewhere. It might sound a little mean/elitist/cheap, but if I can save $2 on a product then I will - it's just the student in me telling me to save money! ^.^ I ended up making a purchase from them because their email subscription told me that they had 25% off all Beauty Blender products and just like my student brain tells me to save money buying from cheaper sites, I just can't resist a good sale!

Website Practicality
I find the website very aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. There's an easily accessible search bar as well as browsing options for brands or by products. I really like that when you click into a product, there are options for product description, reviews and similar products on each product which I really like!

There are two payment options for purchasing on Gracie Lou, one being a purchase with Credit Card (hosted under DPS Payment Express) or just a regular bank deposit. It's been a while since I've had to do a bank deposit, and a little inconvenient to be honest since I'm paid through Paypal the majority of the time and that means I can't use that money just chilling out there. It's nice to see another payment method for those of us who don't have credit cards!  

Price Comparison
Gracie Lou Cosmetics haven't got the cheapest prices in New Zealand, but I do find them fair, (not like some stores that are blatantly ripping you off). This is one of the reasons I haven't shopped with Gracie Lou before, I just know I can get products cheaper elsewhere and that's literally it!

Gracie Lou Cosmetics - Beauty Blender; $38 + Shipping; $5 = $43
Beauty Bliss - Beauty Blender; $34 + Shipping; $4.50 = $38.50
Hikosencara - Beauty Blender; $32 + Shipping; $3.50 = $35.50

Since I made my purchase with 25% off, my total came to this instead;
Gracie Lou (discount) - Beauty Blender; $28.50 + Shipping; $5 = $33.50

Shipping and Packaging
The packaging was very simplistic, literally just bubble wrapped, and it came to me in a courier post baggie with the little Gracie Lou sticker on the back! The shipping cost $5NZD for flat rate shipping in New Zealand ($10 flat rate for my Aussie friends)  and if you spend over $75 you qualify for free shipping. I ordered on the 12th of November, my payment cleared and item was shipped on the 13th, and I received my package on the 14th!
I'm sure that you guys must have figured out by now that I purchased another Beauty Blender! I really really REALLY needed to buy another one because I realised recently (like the day that I ordered the new beauty blender) that my old beauty blender is 1year and 3 months old - well over the 4-6month use by date. My Beauty Blender never went mouldy because I literally wash it out every time I use it, but obviously just like regular sponges the Beauty Blender doesn't last forever and starts to deteriorate. 
My Beauty Blender came with a page of information that I already knew and a little Gracie Lou business card. It didn't come with a little invoice showing the prices and all that usual stuff which is a little weird - but considering it was all emailed to me when I purchased I guess I don't really need it since I also just usually throw it out.
This is the old photos from when I got my first ever beauty blender! The new photos were exactly the same so I just reused the old one. Electronic recycling! ^.^
Aaand this is what the old and new Beauty Blenders look like! I didn't realize how completely gross my old one looked and now I'm kind of grossed out that I've been putting that moist sponge on my face. Ick. For what it's worth - Beauty Blenders are amazing. I love them (which is why I used my one for so so long) and totally worth the money.

What I Love
- Quick shipping
- Great range of products
- Fairish pricing
- Regular sales

What I Don't Love
- Nothing!

Final Thoughts
I would definitely shop with Gracie Lou again, although I will pretty much be shopping with them during their sales since their prices are a little higher than other stores! I really like their website layout and functionality and the shipping is well priced and very fast!

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  1. I love the cute pop of pink this sponge has! ^ u ^


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