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Store Review: Tester Korea

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with TesterKorea! I decided that I wanted to make an order with TesterKorea after the Etude House (why is it always Etude House?) Princess Table was released and the weight of the product stopped me from ordering it from other stores that had high pricing on heavy items! I saw that TesterKorea also had the Etude House Princess Etoinette Heart Highlighter in stock for only 25000won and had to had to have it!

I made my order on the 3rd of June and was emailed on the 11th of June to be told that the Heart Highlighter was out of stock. TesterKorea offered me a refund, or the chance to pick another product with similar pricing and weight. I chose my second most wanted product, the Etude House Princess Etoinette Brush Set! TesterKorea sent my package out through EMS rather than the Regular Air Mail I had originally paid for so my package arrived after one week! ^.^

Price Comparison
TesterKorea has very competitive pricing with very low shipping costs. Their shipping is based on weight, but is considerably lower than my usual favorite RoseRoseShop! So just like I did on my KollectionK Price Comparsion, I've added one of the Etude House Princess Etoienette Lipsticks to my cart and picked shipping to New Zealand. (Prices in NZD)

Lipstick $15.69NZD + Shipping $4.80 = $20.49

Lipstick $13.19 + Shipping $5.55 = $18.74

Lipstick $17.40 + Shipping $8.93 = $26.33

Roseroseshop still wins on the super cheap product pricing, but depending on the product TesterKorea is very competitive. It's worth mentioning that the RRS Etude Lipsticks are 20% off (and have been for over a year) while the TesterKorea Etude Lipstick is full price.

Website Practicality
I tend to shop through the brand defined search (eg. Etude House or TonyMoly) or just use the search bar at the top to find what I'm looking for so the website doesn't give me any trouble. I like that they have a little forum section at the top of the home page where you can read about everything and ask any questions! The colour scheme and layout of the website is lovely, you can never go wrong with Black White and Pink!

Shipping and Packaging
The shipping only took one week to get to New Zealand since it was sent through EMS, but it's worth noting that I only paid $13NZD to ship two 160g glass candles and a big rotating storage container over to New Zealand with a tracking number. That's a great price! It was also exceptionally well packaged as you can see below, with extra bubble wrap and styro-foam balls to pack out the box and individually wrapped items.
The individual items were super well wrapped and taped shut (with the exception of the mirror for some super odd reason) which impressed me!
Etude House Etoinette Brush Collection - 25000won
I'm not actually sure if I like these brushes to be honest. They're pink and cute, but they're also really short, which means that the travel case is very petite and none of my other brushes actually fit into the travel case. I also have not used the lip brush at all and I've had these since June.
The brushes also smell like wet dog. No matter now much I wash them, or what with, they still smell like wet dog. But I do like looking at them for sure!
Etude House Etoinette Princess Mirror - 5000won
I originally ordered the pink version of this mirror and TesterKorea didn't have that either, so sent me the white version. This was OK with me since I had since ordered the Etoinette Special Kit from Yesstyle specifically just to get the Etoinette Rose Brush (and yes I paid $80NZD for a brush and a mirror). I also tried to order the Heart Highlighter from Yesstyle and theirs was out of stock too so it seems like a massive irritating worldwide problem ... but I'm getting distracted.
This mirror is super cute and super hand! You can flip it backwards so that the mirror stands up on it's own. I use mine mainly to put my contact lens in in the morning so I can sit down and drink my coffee at the same time.
Etude House Princess Etoinette Moon Flower Perfumed Candle (White Peony and Pink Rose) - 11000won each
I love these candles! They're a decent size for the price, and smell super floral which I really like. If you're not a fan of super floral scents you may think these smell like toilets. They have a really little flame, so the candle burns kinda funny and the packaging isn't quite as cute as the rest of the lines packaging, but I like them all the same!
Etude House Princess Makeup Table - 14000won
This little table is super cute! The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it! The biggest question on my mind was if it was actually going to rotate, or just said it was going to rotate.
The boxing and the little kitty is super cute! It was safely wrapped in plastic with some styro-foam balls thrown in. They also included some adorable instructions, that are all written in Korean which I cannot understand.
It's pretty easy to put together even without help, but I did find that the little pizza shelves didn't always click in well and were really stiff. This could just be my particular storage set since a couple of other people reported no trouble with their scalloped pizza shelving.
These are super cute, and fantastic for storing my lipstick, perfume and brushes sticking out of the top! Also yes, it does actually rotate, just not so well when I load it up with heavy perfume hehe ><
I was also sent some little samples! I'm so excited to try out the Black Raspberry Eye Cream from Skinfood! ^.^

What I Love
- Fantastic Shipping Prices
- Good prices
- Great communication
- Amazing shipping packaging! 

What I Don't Love
- Communication was a little slow (over one week) if I'm picky!

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed my shopping experience with TesterKorea! I liked that the contacted me to tell me one of my items was out of stock and gave me the choice of swapping for something else or getting store credit, rather than just giving me the store credit. I love all of the things that I purchased from them and I will definitely be shopping with TesterKorea again! ^.^

Have you shopped with TesterKorea before? What was your experience like?


  1. Ohh I have Etude House's Etoinette Brush Collection too~ ^ ^
    It is beautiful but I wish that it included an Eye Shadow brush! ^ - ^

  2. Loving the products you got from the Etude House Etionette range :)
    The princess makeup table looks so cute! :3

  3. Everrything is so cute!
    And that table is so adorable :D I haven't seen it before and now I really want it.... >u<


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