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Store Review: Pagan Marie

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be doing another Store Review on a super popular New Zealand site - Pagan Marie! Pagan Marie is an online boutique that sells clothing, Footwear, Swimwear, Intimates and Cosmetics. It's taken me a while to shop from this site since I've got a bit of a difficult body to fit clothes to so shopping online can be a massive risk, but I took a little chance while they were having a massive sale, because I just can't resist a good sale!!
Price Comparison
This is difficult, since Pagan Marie don't stock any clothing that I could find in walk in stores in New Zealand. I don't consider the pricing extremely high, but it's also not cheap clothing. The clothes average at around $80 with some of the knits and coats being higher in price, while shorts and small tops are lower. The pricing suggests that the clothing is good quality, and also designs that you can't purchase from Ebay, Aliexpress or other super cheap clothing stores.

Website Practicality
I found the website really easy to navigate, there is an easy to use search bar, separate search tabs for clothing, beauty, tops, bottoms or dresses. You can log in so that you can track your purchases, and sign up for their newsletter which lets you know if they have any new stock or sales! One of my biggest issues with this store is that they don't have measurements for individual pieces, but just general sizes. I don't find these helpful because I am usually between a S or M in clothing, so how am I supposed to choose my correct size when they don't provide measurements. What size sweater should I purchase if I have XL bust, S Waist and S hips? This is one of the main reasons I've been putting off shopping at Pagan Marie.

Shipping and Packaging
The shipping was a super quick 1 day delivery. I purchased after working hours on the 13th, and my package arrived on the 15th. The shipping was free too, which makes it all the sweeter! ^.^ My purchase was cutely wrapped in tissue paper with a little Pagan Marie sticker, the sweater was plastic wrapped and tagged, which is nice to know that nobody has tried on my item before.
I purchased the Soho Knit in Grey in size M. This sweater was originally $79.99, but since I purchased during a 50% off sale I got this knit for $39.99! ^.^ (It's currently on sale for $50!) It's 100% cotton with sequins sewn to mesh, sewn to the elbows of the sweater. The website actually describes this as having "glitter elbow patches" rather than sequined elbow patches, and having an uneven hemline. 
It has a moderately wide neckline that you cannot see on the model since her hair is in the way, and bat-wing sleeves which you also cannot see on the model. I find it odd how tight the seam of the arm is in comparison to the rest of the sleeve, and how wide the end of the sleeve is, although this could be because it's a little bit oversized.
The sweater looks quite nice from the back, but from side on it makes me look quite chunky. I'm quite busty, so the sweater more or less just hangs down from there and hides my small waist. It also hides my bum so I literally look flat and wide from the side.
The front on view isn't so bad I think ^.^
My biggest issue with this sweater is the glitter/sequin elbow patches. I don't think they look as full and sparkly on my sweater in comparison to the website photos, also since they're individually sewn on sequins they fall off everywhere. I actually mean everywhere too, I worked a full day in this sweater and when I swept the floor at the end of the day there was a ridiculous amount of sequins that had fallen off just while working.

Overall I really like this sweater, it's a perfect neutral, quick to throw on top which can be worn with a long sleeve top for winter warmth, or just with a singlet for a light summer nights! I really wish the elbow patches were true glitter rather than sequins, and that it fit me a little better, but I think it's a beautiful colour and it's super soft and comfy! ^.^ It's my current go-to 5 minute dressed up outfit since I'm always running late!
What I Love
- Awesome products
- Great quality
- Frequent sales and new stock
- Super quick, free delivery
- Little personalized notes on orders
- Fair pricing (good quality, hard to find in New Zealand)

What I Don't Love
- Price reflects quality (which some may not be able to afford)
- No measurements for individual items

Final Thoughts
I really liked shopping at Pagan Marie, and it you live in New Zealand and don't usually have trouble finding clothes to fit your body,  then I would highly suggest shopping with Pagan Marie! I would personally shop a lot more at Pagan Marie if there were measurements (especially bust and length measurements), because I just don't want to buy a dress that shows my bum, or is way too revealing on the chest area. Pagan Marie has a great exchange policy for non sale items if you do purchase the wrong size, but since I have a weakness for sale items this isn't so helpful for me personally!

Have you shopped with Pagan Marie before? How was your experience?

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