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Review: Shideido Ma Chérie Hair Care

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about some super cute cherry blossom scented hair care, the Ma Chérie by Shiseido line! My ever suffering boyfriend bought these all the way back from Taipei for me because I wanted to try them so much after reading Qiuqiui's review (I always get sucked into her incredibly positive reviews -.-) I've only found these products in one store in New Zealand and they were over twice the price that they are in Taipei!

I've read a few reviews on these products, some unbelievably positive making it sound like the best hair care in the world, and some incredibly negative, but there is one thing we can all agree on, the smell is amazing! The entire range is beautifully scented with a very sweet and floral scents, much like the smell of (fake) cherry blossom, so they all leave the hair smelling absolutely wonderful! ^.^

 Lets start with the Shampoo and Conditioner!
I bought the Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner rather than the Air Feel Shampoo and Conditioner, because ... I'm not really sure why since I have oily hair. The bottles are so cute and pink with handy little pumps at the top which is good since they're quite heavy at 500ml but they have literally lasted forever (6months) which is pretty good for my long thick hair! 

 Moisture Shampoo
This is really moisturizing! If you have oily hair like me you may find this a little too moisturizing for everyday/every second day use. I like the alternate with this Shampoo and the LUSH BIG Shampoo (which is ultra oil ridding). I do find that this leaves my hair feeling silky soft and hydrated which I love!
It also has a pretty pinky pearly colour! It's literally lasting me forever, I still have 1/4 of the bottle left to use!
Moisture Conditioner 
This conditioner is super thick which is lovely, but since it is in a pump bottle I can't actually reach the last 5th of the conditioner without trying to bash it out of the container which hurts my hands! Such first world problems.
I found that it moisturized my hair quite well without being too heavy, but for heavily damaged hair this may not be enough.

 Rinse Out Hair Treatment
This is the only product I purchased in New Zealand (which was super pricey!) and one of my favorites out of the range. It makes my hair feels superbly silky soft and tangle-free! I use it once a week and it keeps my hair feeling, smelling and looking healthy!
Hair Serums
I chose to try the Aqua Dew Energy Ex and the End Cure Milk which I found to be literally at each side of the spectrum of good and bad. There is also a hair oil which is supposed to be quite good, but I didn't get it this time.

Aqua Dew Energy Ex
I absolutely love this product! I'm not actually sure what to call it, like a serum or treatment, but it's supposed to be very hydrating for dry hair!
This serum makes my hair feel super soft and silky and does wonders for my super dry ends! You can see the difference between the side of my hair that has had the Aqua Dew applied in comparison to the side which is left bare. I've almost finished the entire bottle, that's how much I like it!
  End Cure Milk
I found the End Cure Milk incredibly disappointing. Upon reading other blogs I have found that around 90% of the reviews I read did not like this product either which is nice to know! 
It actually makes my hair feel and look worse, no matter if I use it on dry or wet hair. I still have the majority of the bottle left because I disliked it so much.
Perfect Shower Range
I absolutely love all three of the sprays in this range, I think they do a wonderful job at smoothing and moisturizing my hair while keeping my frizzy flyaways at bay. However, I don't think they do what they specifically say they do (Perfect Shower Moist for dry hair, Perfect Shower Wave for curls) but rather all three work exactly the same for me but with different names and different coloured bottles.
Perfect Shower Wave

 Perfect Shower Smooth

Perfect Shower Moist

 What I Love
- Super affordable (in Taiwan that is, not New Zealand)
- Beautiful packaging
- Beautiful sweet floral scent throughout the range
- Perfect Shower, Aqua Dew and the Treatment are amazing!

What I Don't Love
- Some products (End Cure Milk) do not work for me
- Almost impossible to find in New Zealand

Final Thoughts
I really love some of these products, while strongly disliking the rest. I will continue to repurchase my very favorites (Perfect Shower, Air Feel Treatment and Aqua Dew Energy Ex) and I quite want to try the Air Feel Shampoo and Conditioner too! ^.^ All of the products smell absolutely amazing, so if you would like to make your hair smell like fruity floral goodness, keep an eye out for the Ma Chérie range!


  1. Ohh I love the Ma Cherie Hair Care line~ ^ w ^
    This post makes me want to try out more of their products! ^ u ^

  2. I've never tried Ma Cherie (it looks super cute!) but I really love Shiseido's Tsubaki Shining line.

    Ellie | wunderstar

  3. I saw Ippondo sells them ^^ and also any Japanese stores in Auckland sells them too ~ I'd love to try the shampoo + conditioner!

    1. Yesah Ippondo is where I got the hair mask from! But it was $30NZD (in comparison to $5NZD from Taipei - such a rip off!) -.-


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