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Store Review: KollectionK

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be doing another Store Review, this time on my experience shopping with KollectionK! I solely purchased Etude House Etoinette products from KollectionK because I found that they had some really hard to find products from the discontinued line! This is going to be SUPER photo heavy, so if you don't really care about the Etoinette range feel free to skip right on down to the summary at the end of this review! ^.^

Price Comparison
I usually shop at Roseroseshop for my standard Korean cosmetics so I tend to compare everything to their prices which are the very lowest that I've found (excluding the shipping). I compared the Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick in PPK004 from both KollectionK and Roseroseshop for price and shipping!

Roseroseshop Lipstick - $10.24 + Shipping - $4.31 = $14.56
KollectionK Lipstick - $13.62 + Shipping - $6.99 = $20.61

Roseroseshop still wins, but KollectionK isn't so far behind!

Website Practicality
I found the website very practical, clean cut and easy to navigate. Everything is in English and USD which is easy to convert to NZD. I dislike that they don't unlist products that are sold out, like the Etude House Etoinette Tear Liners which I seriously cannot find ANYWHERE. (If you can tell me where to find the liners and nail polishes from this line I will love you forever). It's slightly heart-wrenching to see discontinued HTF products being dangled in front of your face only to be told they are out of stock. Other than that I find the site itself really good!   

Shipping and Packaging
My package was shipped within 2 working days, and took 2 weeks to get to me which is fantastic! My products were wrapped together in bubble wrap and nothing was damaged during shipping.
I purchased Etoinette All Over Powder ($35.69) and the Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick in POR202 ($13.60). Both of these are quite hard to find without paying ridiculous amounts of money, so when I saw them on KollectionK I purchased them within like 10minutes and then ran into my boyfriends room squealing about how happy I was with my new purchase! 
 Even the packaging is amazingly adorable!!
The powder is housed in the absolutely gorgeous packaging that is identical to the blush packaging. I just adore the little feet on this!
There is a gorgeous little lace puff included with the powder which I will personally never use, but my goodness it's so soft, fluffy and ridiculously cute.
There is a safety sticker to show that the product has never been used which is also stupidly cute and I kinda didn't want to throw it away, and a little sifter to stop you from overloading the brush. The powder is incredibly glittery and looks slightly yellow in the tub.
The powder is glitter. It's not a shimmer, it's literally straight out glitter! It's nice for me since I do perform on stage and it's quite cool as a body glitter, but for more regular everyday girls you probably wouldn't use this product. I did consider throwing out the powder and popping in my regular translucent powder from MAC, but I resisted! 

I like this product, but I like it for the packaging rather than the actual product inside. I'd still buy this again because the packaging just makes me go full on white girl (OMG, I can't even, like, it's just so fab) and squeal, but the product inside isn't practical.

This is where things get a little interesting. I ordered the Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick in POR202 and received it in PRD301 which I was not super happy with. The red lipstick is very easily found for a lot cheaper than what I paid for the POR202 lipstick.
However the lipstick was in perfect condition, and is an absolutely amazing colour! I love how they have engraved with Etoinette emblem into the bullet, it makes it look so cute!!
They also sent a super luxe gift set with my purchase including a full set of the Pearl Aura testers!
They also included a KollectionK business card which I thought was super cute! The card states that they won't give up until the customer is satisfied which I found interesting, so how did they deal with the fact that they had sent me the wrong item?
I sent them an email telling them that they had sent me the wrong shade of lipstick with some photo proof. I asked if it would send the right colour to me. They replied promptly and were more than happy to send the correct colour or give me a gift card for the same value to spend on something else. I chose to have the correct colour sent to me as this is what I wanted in the first place!

But when the lipstick arrived I noticed that something wasn't right with the lipstick itself. It had melted to the top of the tube and wasn't correctly housed in the tube properly, meaning when it was fully wound down in the first photo, it was leaning directly against the cap. Since it wasn't held in the tube, it had smooshed against the side of the tube and had really deep scratches on the bullet.
Obviously I was really upset that the hard to find limited edition lipstick was moderately wrecked. The lipstick itself was melted so it still doesn't work properly. I sent KollectionK another email with photos attached. They replied that the lipstick itself was out of stock, but offered sent me instead a voucher for the lipstick which I did not ask for, but was incredibly kind of them. They didn't have to send me one, but they did. They stood by their products and services and made sure that their customer was happy.

In replacement of the lipstick, I bought instead the Etoinette Bubble Bath Bar Set and the Etoinette Princess Hair Comb!
The comb is absolutely tiny, around the same size as a general credit card, but it's perfect to slip into my handbag for hair emergency's!
The bubble bars look and smell amazing, but since I don't have a bath in Hamilton I will have to wait a few more weeks to try them out! I'm so tempted to buy more of them because they are just so cute!

 What I Love
- Amazing customer service. Almost the best I've ever had
- Great range of products (also clothing and accessories)
- Fair pricing on cosmetics
- Low shipping prices
- All shipping is tracked
-  Quick dispatch of package

What I Don't Love
-  Website doesn't hide discontinued/out of stock products (I cry every time I see the liners and polish)

Final Thoughts
I really really enjoyed shopping with KollectionK! Their customer service was exceptionally quick and good, they really made me feel like a valuable customer which is really important for me since I have a long history of retail work (If you've never worked retail I don't expect you to understand). They have a great range of fairly priced products and ship your package really quickly! I will absolutely be shopping with KollectionK again!

Personally, I think that the customer service is what really makes a shopping experience like this pleasant rather than painful. Have any of you Princesses had fantastic or absolutely awful customer service before?

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  1. I have shopped from KollectionK once, I love that the store carries very hard to find limited edition products and also love their bag of extra gift ^^ Great review ~ I agree their customer service is one of the best!


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