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Store Review: IHerb

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing a slightly weird store, but a super handy store nonetheless, which is Iherb! Iherb is a really interesting store that sells Supplements, Herbs, Bath and Beauty, Skincare, Grocerys, Sports and Pet goods. I've personally only shopped in the Beauty section, but I hear that the Grocery section is also amazing. The Beauty section contains the cheapest ELF, Real Techniques and Physicians Formula products that you can find in New Zealand. If you live outside of New Zealand then your prices are probably lower, and therefore you probably don't need to shop here, who knows!

Price Comparison
The Elf Undereye Setting Powder is $3USD ($3.69NZD) plus shipping off Iherb. Or $10NZD from my local K-Mart which is the only place that sells ELF in NZ. Obviously if I only want one product I'll drive down and buy it locally, but if I want  to buy bulk ELF, IHerb is the cheapest way!

Shipping and Packaging
I chose the second cheapest shipping, which was the tracked DHL. Choosing the tracked option is always the best since you know where your package is, and this is a very very cheap option at $8USD! It took one week to get to me which was wonderful, but I was NOT happy with the method of packaging to keep my products safe. They literally packed the box with the products, and chucked a loosely scrunched piece of paper on top! I didn't have any glass products or anything like that, but if I had, they wouldn't be very safe :C
I limited myself to three brands that were hard to find locally, ELF, Real Techniques and Physicians Formula.

First up are my ELF basics! Each of these products were $3USD, which is super cheap! I'm really happy with the overall quality of the ELF products and I've written up a quick review of each! Let me know if there is anything that you want full review on!

This is an amazing product - I can totally see why this is so hyped and raved about! I've had mine for only a couple of months, and have already hit pan in the gel! The powder is a great crease colour, but I can't use it on my brows since I have the medium colour (Dark was out of stock).

I love this blush too, a quick brush of the product will pick up quite a lot, so it's really necessary to tap the brush quickly before applying, but for $3 and the beautiful big colour range I will definitely be purchasing more!

I like this blush, but it is a little bit of work to blend! The pump disperses WAY too much product, but I do hear that this is a dupe for a Makeup Forever blush! Either way, it's a great product for a super cheap price!
Next up are Real Techniques! There are no stores that sell Real Techniques in New Zealand (that I know of!) and the easiest and cheapest place to buy them is IHerb! The separate brushes cost $9.99 and the Brush Set cost $29.99 which is a very reasonable price for brushes that are so good! I'm totally in love with all of these brushes, they're totally worth the price!
Lastly I have two products from Physicians Formula. I picked these two products because of the adorable packaging, but honestly the packaging is more of a pain than it is cute.

The colours in this blush are really beautiful, but the blush is just so powdery and chalky that it doesn't look good on the skin. It's a little hard to get the blush to pop since it's not so pigmented, it's such a weird blush. I really don't like it and don't recommend paying over $10 for it.

I like this powder even less than the blush. The light colour is good for my face colour and the darkest colour is good for contouring, but it's just so hard to pick up either colour without touching the peachy shades in between. It's really powdery and has a lot of fallout and in all honestly I wouldn't pay $3 for this.
What I Love
- Cheap, fast tracked shipping
- Discounts for first timers
- Discounts for larger orders (bulk buying)
- Cheap prices
- Restocks very quickly

What I Don't Love
- Bad shipping packaging

Final Thoughts
I'm quite 50/50 with this store. Putting aside how much I love the Real Technique and ELF products in comparison to how much I dislike the Physicians Formula products, I quite enjoyed shopping with IHerb. I really wish that the shipping packaging was a lot better though, because I'm really cautious about grabbing other products that might break in the post. But then again the ELF products are $3 and it's just so tempting!

If you do end up making an order through IHerb and you want to take $10 off your first order you can use my code FQB347 to get the discount!

(Full disclosure, the coupon code is an affiliate code, and you can actually get the discount without using the code automatically by being a first time purchaser. However if you want to support me, please use my coupon code! If you don't want to, don't. No big deal ^.^)


  1. Thanks for sharing this review...and for the code :) Those brushes look amazing!

    xo Azu

  2. I also hate their packages. But the products are great and cheap.

  3. I have only shopped from iHerb once and I had a great experience. Even thou nothing came broken, I was not fond of their packaging anyway, at least place some bubble wraps just in-case =.= Their prices is amazing thou, can't find Real Technique brushes cheaper than what iHerb has to offer.

    1. I know right! Even a little bit of bubble wrap is better than a crumpled up piece of paper! -.- Loving those RT brushes though, such a bargain!


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