Monday, 20 October 2014

Manicure Monday: Pink and Purple Reverse Tips

Hello Princesses!

Today I have another super cute manicure (I swear I say this every week) featuring Lime Crime Parfait Day polish and a La Girls glittery purple polish! I decided to paint the underside of my nails in reverse colour so that it looks super cute even if you're looking at my fingers the wrong way!
I love the way this looks, but man I was tempted to pick at the underside of my nails for the first couple of hours! It literally feels like dirt underneath my nails, but instead it's sparkly glittery happiness! ^.^

Would you ever rock this type of manicure?


  1. Such an awesome idea to paint the undersides, I love it! But how did you manage to make a nice thin layer without getting it on your fingers? Any tips for a clumsy one? ^^

    1. It looks so cute huh! ^.^ I did get a little on my fingers, but I just scratched it off with my nails haha! You can always put a wee bit of tape on the finger flesh while painting the undersides, otherwise it'll come off your fingers super easy in the shower or just washing your hands with hot water! :D


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