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Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Sasa! Sasa is an extremely popular store that sells Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western beauty products and I have no idea why I've never shopped with them before! I decided that I should probably try shopping at different stores other than Roseroseshop and Cosmetic Love who are my favorite stores so that I can try a wider variety of products (as well as let you Princessess know what I think about my shopping experiences!).
Sasa took two weeks to ship to New Zealand, which is pretty standard. The box actually took another two weeks to get to me because it got a little lost and ended up in the international holding area! *sigh* NZ Post. I'm not super impressed with the packaging of the products to be honest. They were packed neatly into a bubble bag and then into a box of Styrofoam chunks. Nothing was broken, but if anything was made of glass (nail polish bottles, foundation bottles, skincare etc) then it would be so easy to break as opposed to being individually bubble wrapped.
I've had these items for about a month, so I'll be giving you my brief first impressions on all of the products! ^.^
Holy sweet cheesus these have gorgeous packaging! They are totally up there with my Etude House Etoinette packaging (I'm a sucker for pretty packaging!)
This pencil is everything I wanted Etude House's Creamy Drawing Show pencil to be and more. It's a soft white (not too harsh for waterlines), creamy with subtle shimmer and amazing packaging. If you love Sailor Moon or just cute products and packaging, I totally recommend this pencil!
My favorite Holy Grail liquid eyeliner is the Dolly Wink Black Liquid Liner - but this is a serious competitor for the Holy Grail status! It does have some glitter in the formula, but I can never really see it on my line, so that doesn't bother me. It's easy to use, lasts all day and does not smudge. The pretty packaging doesn't hurt either! ^.^

I'm actually really disappointed in both of these products. The mascara works really well for voluminous fluffy lashes, but it is really sticky, so whenever I blink I can feel my lashes trying to hug each other. The eyeliner is ok, but it smudges on my oily lids, so I won't use it very much. These products are probably suited to people with non oily lids I guess! It's such a pity because they have gorgeous, elegant packaging!

I love this cheek duo! The peach pink is super pigmented, blends fabulously and lasts all day even on oily cheeks! Also the packaging is just plain beautiful. I will totally be collecting the rest of the colours!

This is an absolutely lovely BB Cream! It's fairly pale and very warm toned, which means it does a fair job of matching my pale warm toned skin, and when I'm feeling lazy I'll slap this on and it'll match me well enough (as long as you don't look closely at my neck!) Its has a nice soft matte finish and doesn't get too oily throughout the day. Also the packaging is SO CUTE. Can you see a theme in the haul?
 Ok, how seriously cute are these little endangered animal lipsticks?
Ok so the bad news is that these are absolutely TERRIBLE if you have dry or flaky lips. They settle into the fine lines on my lips and make me look tragic. :S Some shades are worse than others, with the Orange bear looking the worst, and the Pink Dolphin looking the most flattering. They are quite pigmented, glossy and appear a little brighter than the bullet looks. 

My seal came to me a little damaged :C I was actually surprised that all of the others were ok, because lipstick is so squishy and fragile!

I've been very curious about EOS for a long time since New Zealand doesn't sell that brand and finally went ahead and purchased one of their lip balm and hand cream sets. I'm not actually too disappointed in this lip balm despite it's huge hype here! It's fairly moisturizing, smells amazing and comes in a highly portable little ball. I think the hand cream is even better, because it's so highly fragrances (a total plus for me) and portable, plus they are in cute pastel colours! I think they're a little overpriced (especially when you see them being sold in NZ for $20) but they're good products nonetheless.
I've also been interested in these acne dressing patches for some time! I'm TERRIBLE at picking acne and scabs (which results in more scars) so these were actually a godsend for me. They helped my cystic acne calm down as well, instead of staying a huge sore red lump for two weeks, they were large for two days and then gradually disappeared over the next two weeks. I've already run out, so next time I'll be buying a bigger pack! ><
What I Love
- Great range of products
- Genuine Authentic products
- Fairly priced products
- Average shipping time
- Lots of sales
- Pick/earn samples
What I Don't Love
- Products unsafely packaged

Final Thoughts
I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping experience at Sasa! I thought that they had a fantastic range of products for very fair prices and they seem to be having a sale 24/7. I will definitely be shopping there again!

Have any of you Princesses shopped at Sasa before? What was your experience like?


  1. Great that the Sailor Moon liquid liner works for you! I got it in brown and the tip is somehow really "itchy" it almost hurts to put the liner on, and he is not that pigmented and transfers :( Too bad I really love the design! I've been searching for a white liner as well, may pick up that miracle romance one then because packaging! :)

    1. Oh whaat, can you return the liquid liner because that totally sounds like a dud :S Mine is lovely and flexible and just all types of goodness! :C I totally recommend the white liner too, I'm a total sucker for beautiful packaging, but the liner is creamy and beautiful (which just adds to the greatness!)

  2. I love shopping at Sasa! I'm always able to get what I need! Those acne dressings are my life savers and those sailor moon eye liners are super cute! Sailor Moon Crystal is airing soon, so maybe I should get those Sailor Moon eye liners to celebrate. ;D Thanks for sharing your shopping experience! ^^

    -Phailee ^^

    1. Ohmygosh I litereally used all of the little acne dressing within one week! (Helped by the boyfriend of course haha) You should totally grab the liners if you're in the market for liquid and pencil liners because they are gorgeous products! (Both aesthetically and ... uh use-ably?)

  3. OMG, these products are awesome. The Sailor Moon Eyeliner is on my wishlist already and the Beyond lipsticks are so pretty...a pitty that they settle into lines.

    1. I totally recommend the Sailor Moon eyeliners, but mm the Beyond lipsticks I'm not so sure about! The Beige (little seal/otter) is actually quite lovely since it's more of a natural colour, but the other three look awful on my lips, and now are slightly misshapen from being used ><

  4. Oh wow all the packaging is so beautiful :D I've seen the Sailor Moon liners before and they look gorgeous <3
    Also those lipsticks are so cute :D I'd be sad to had to use them though since the animals would get all squished .-.

  5. Oh my I love your shopping haul!
    I really wanted to try buying from Sasa, it's a pity the shipping costs are so high :S
    Those animal lipsticks are to die for! They are super adorable <3

  6. I just bought the Sailor Moon liquid eyeliner last week! OMG now I can't wait to get it x Thanks for showing this beautiful haul ^-^ I have been wanting to buy from Sasa for quite a long time now, but just never got around to it.

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay


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