Monday, 23 June 2014

Manicure Monday: Louis Vuitton and Rhinestones

Hello Princesses!

Today I have the last manicure in my little designer mani series, which is a Louis Vuitton and Rhinestone manicure! I really love the Louis Vuitton Speedy bags, one day I'll be able to afford one of those *sigh* but until then, here's a manicure which is not based on Louis Vuitton bags, but literally just stuff I wanted to have on my nails this Monday.
I used Zoya's Gaia for the white base, and Designer Metal Plates and AB Rhinestones (2mm) from Fullmoon07! I really like how this manicure turned out, the white was much more wearable than I had anticipated but the LV metal plate looked really tiny on my long nails ><

What do you Princesses think about this manicure? 

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