Friday, 13 June 2014

First Impressions: It's Skin Star Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a really neat product - the It's Skin Star Cream! I found a tester sachet of this product floating around in my drawer and had absolutely no idea what it was, so I decided to try it out! ^.^

What Does It Do?
Starfish Collagen extract, cattail pollen powder extract, water velvet extract, adenosine, niacin amide

Product Description:
- Absorbs to skin instantly to enhance moisture retaining powder of skin and create resilient and young skin
- Delivers intensive vitamin, mineral and various nutritional ingredients to create healthy skin
- Shiny pearl powder and sebum control powder creates vitality
- Covers skin tone naturally to create originally gorgeous skin
- Smooth texture absorbs without greasy
- SPF25 SP+++

How to use:
After your skincare, apply moderate amount according to skin texture from inside to outside of skin." (1)
Ok, first off - Starfish collagen extract and water velvet extract? What the actual WHAT? This is probably one of the WEIRDEST things I've put on my face ever, but it's actually quite cool! I use this as a makeup base to pale out my skin and prep it for foundation or BB Cream.

This cream has teeny sparkles that brighten and illuminate the skin, and even though the cream looks like a translucent pinky-white colour - it's not really translucent at all which is why half of my face looks a little paler than the other half. It's easy to apply and helped my foundation stay on longer and look brighter and dewier. I love it!!
Would I Purchase This Product?
Yes! I really like this product, but I am a little wary of the ingredient list on some other girls blogs, because it does seem to contain a form of Stearate that I *think* I'm allergic to. If I do purchase it and have the allergic reaction on my chin area, then I would just use the cream on the rest of my face without applying it on my chin to avoid the irritation, I love this product that much! ^.^

What do you princesses think about this Starfish cream?

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  1. I was curious about the starfish cream. I think Mizon has one too, if I'm right?! Looks like an interesting product :)


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