Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Review: Maybelline HyperCurl Volume Express Mascara

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my second favorite mascara ever (after the Eye of Horus Mascara!) - Maybellines Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara - Hello Kitty Edition! 

I bought this mascara when I was in Taipei at the start of 2013 and didn't open it till August last year so I could use up all of my other mascaras. I hate having more than two mascaras open at the same time because they tend to dry up too fast which makes me sad, but I couldn't resist opening this up when I found it again, the Hello Kitty print is just too gorgeous!
This formula is waterproof (a must have for my oily lids!) and focuses on curling the lashes. The wand is slightly curved which is super hard to photograph apparently, but does a fantastic job of curling my lashes!

I don't find this mascara particularly lengthening or volumizing, but it does give my lashes a feathery curly look that stays all day and doesn't smudge, clump or flake.
This mascara looks really natural, like my eyelashes but more defined. It definitely doesn't give you the false lash look that most people would be after.
What I Love
- Waterproof and Smudgeproof
- Easy to apply
- Gives a feathery curly natural lash look
- Doesn't flake or clump

What I Don't Love
- Not lengthening or volumizing
- Doesn't give you a false lash look
Final Thoughts
I really really love this mascara and was really upset when it was finished! It gave me a really lovely feathery, curly, natural lash look that didn't look fake or clumpy. I can see how this may be a negative aspect for a lot of people, but for me it is a positive since I do a lot of natural makeup! If I can repurchase the regular version in New Zealand drug stores I would be so happy!

What do you princesses make of this mascara? Do you prefer natural looking lashes or false looking lashes?


  1. I love Maybelline mascara but this one had a very cute packaging as I love Hello Kitty so much!!!
    must have this one <3
    thanks a lot for the great review dear :)))

    love lots,

  2. Replies
    1. I definitely recommend it if you can find it! (:

  3. I'm a Covergirl mascara lover all the way. The Lash Exact mascara is perfect for natural fluttery looking lashes, and is totally buildable without getting clumpy. I love its versatility - just a few coats for natural daytime looks, and when I'm going out I build it up. No need for 2 different mascaras with this one!


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