Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Review: Brave Store

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be doing a little store review on Brave Store! ^.^ I found out about this store through some of my favorite bloggers, (Pastel Cutie and Miyuuki hime), and decided to make a purchase through their Storenvy store!  

I was browsing brave's store, found this absolutely adorable Kitty Watch, and just HAD to have it! (I have NO self control whatsoever!) But in my defense, it was only $8 for the watch and $3 for the shipping which is a total bargain!
The Kitty watch took 12 business days to arrive in New Zealand, and came safely wrapped in bubble wrap, inside a bubble wrapped envelope. Nothing was harmed during transit, and the owner, Jane, even included a little gift in the package too, thank you so much Jane! ^.^
Cute kitty watch made from alloy and faux leather! Diameter of dial: 3.8 cm
Diameter: 5 - 6cm (adjustable)
I'm so happy with this watch! It's ultra super cute, (and people ALWAYS ask me where I bought it from) and fits well, albeit a little on the big side. If I were to be really picky, I find the strap to be a little plasticy (which is totally not a word), but it doesn't irritate my skin, and I like the watch face itself so much that I might just get a new strap for the watch! ^.^
Jane also sent me this adorable white rose headband, which features white roses and green leaves woven through a  brown suede string with an elastic back. It's lovely comfortable, and looks so cute in my hair!
 What I Love
-Great quality products
- Well priced (not expensive, but not nasty and cheap)
- Inexpensive shipping (starts at $3 and goes up $2 for every item)
- Quick shipping (2 weeks)
- Absolutely lovely owner who communicates well with customers!
(Short nails :C)
What I Don't Love
- Not all products are available in sizes (I don't fit all of the OSFA clothing, it's the curse of the big chest!)

Final Thoughts
I absolutely loved shopping at Brave Store! I love the products that I got, and I really love that the owner, Jane, actually bothered to talk to me, because a lot of store owners won't bother! The clothing and accessories that they stock are so so cute and well priced, I'm 100% sure that I will be shopping there again! 

If you feel like lusting over cute clothing with me, here is my current WANT list (not wish, want) from Brave Store!
Kitty Beanie
Floral Headband

Floaty Dress
Beaded Collar Dress
Cat Dress

Asymmetrical Shorts
Chiffon Skirt
Velvet Skirt

Chiffon Blouse
Flower Sweater 

Transparent Socks
Cat Socks

Phone Wallet
Polka Dot Messenger Bag

How cute is everything!! Let me know if you Princesses have shopped at Brave Store before, or are planning to in the future! I'd love to hear about your shopping experiences too!


  1. Looks similar to Marc Jacob's cat watch, even cuter ;)

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  2. Oh my god I have the assymetric shorts! *_* I bought mine in H&M rather cheap!

    1. Ohhh you're so lucky! We have no H&M in New Zealand, so these type of shorts sell for about $60NZD O_o

  3. I love the shirt you are wearing! And the watch is so darling <3


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