Friday, 6 June 2014

First Impression: Trilogy Body and Hair Essentials

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about Trilogy's Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash! These were a free gift with purchase, and I thought I would share my experience using them! ^.^
What Do They Do?

Botanical Body Wash:

A gentle gel body wash to deliver exceptionally fresh, clean skin. Enjoy the crisp, relaxing, aroma-therapeutic fragrance while non-drying cleansers gently refresh the skin to leave you ready for action.

How to apply
Pump a small amount into hand or wash cloth, lather over body, wash and rinse. Add to running bath water for a relaxing aroma-therapeutic bath

 Refresh and Shine Shampoo:

Enjoy renewed hair full of bounce. Antioxidant and protein rich Keracyn™ protects by coating the hair shaft with a restorative botanical shield. Calendula brightens while rinsing away excess oil and product build up. Marshmallow shines, rosehip conditions and chamomile soothes for a healthy scalp and more manageable hair.

How to apply

Enjoy the invigorating bergamot and rosemary fragrance as you massage a small amount into wet hair. Simply work into a lather then rinse. Repeat as needed. For best results follow with Refresh & Shine Conditioner.

Refresh and Shine Conditioner:
Enjoy renewed hair full of bounce with this daily cream conditioner. Antioxidant and protein rich Keracyn™ from artichoke protects from sun and oxidisation damage by coating the hair shaft with a restorative botanical shield. It also smoothes hair cuticles helping with detangling while maintaining and preserving shine. Aloe vera helps to hydrate and moisturise while rosehip and chamomile condition the scalp.

How to apply
Enjoy the invigorating bergamot and rosemary fragrance as you massage through wet hair, concentrating on the ends, before rinsing off. For best results use in conjunction with Refresh & Shine Shampoo.
Botanical Body Wash
I really enjoyed the body wash! It has a fresh coconut and lime scent, it foams up very well and makes my skin feel super moisturized and clean, but not that icky squeaky clean feeling that I get with washes and soaps with glyceryn in them.

Refresh and Shine Shampoo
This shampoo reminds me a lot of Lush's BIG Shampoo! It gives my hair that squeaky clean yet soft feeling that makes it feel like my scalp is super clean! It has a delicious lime scent which makes it feel even fresher (if that's possible!) I need to wash my hair twice with this shampoo (which is normal for my long thick hair).

Refresh and Shine Conditioner
This conditioner has a thin gel like texture and smells really similar to the shampoo, but not quite as intense. It's not very moisturizing (I have very dry ends) so it's not my favorite product, but it would work really well for girls or boys that have oily or hair that gets dull or limp with heavy conditioners.
Would I Purchase These Products?
I think that I would purchase the Shampoo because it worked really well for my hair, but the conditioner wasn't really my cup of tea because it wasn't moisturizing enough for my dry ends. I thought that the body wash was okay, but I prefer flowery super girly scents rather than neutral coconut scents.

Have any of you princesses tried Trilogy's Body and Hair Essentials?

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