Monday, 16 June 2014

Manicure Monday: Dior Audacieuse

Hello Princesses!

After last weeks Chanel manicure, I decided to use up the other designer metal plaes that were gifted to my by Fullmoon when I ordered from her over one year ago! These little plates are seriously so tiny that I lost them! >< Today I wanted to use the little Dior plate and was inspired by these gorgeous Dior sunglasses. 
I don't usually do "inspired by" or imitation nail art because I'm really really bad at it, but I think I did ok today! Also, these sunglasses do not belong to me, (I wish I had $700NZD to spend on them though because they are stunning!).
I actually quite like this manicure! It turned out a lot more accurate than I thought it would (apart from the pink being the wrong shade) and looked really nice on "un posed" nails, (because obviously I don't walk around with my nails in this position). I found that the Dior plate was easier to keep on my nail than the Chanel plate which kept lifting at the corners and catching in my hair.

If you guys want to grab some of these cute metal plates for yourself, go and check out Yuki's store - Fullmoon! ^.^


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