Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Review: Mart of China Pearl Bow Necklace

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Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing a super cute necklace kindly sent to me by Mart of China! ^.^ Thank you guys so much!
A couple of months ago I made a blog post of my Mart of China wishlist, and one of the items on the list was this super cute necklace with the very long name; Fabulous Pearl And Rhinestone Embellished Bowtie Shape Necklace!

The shipping time was super fast (1-1.5 weeks) and the necklace was incredibly well wrapped in bubble wrap and it's own little plastic baggie ^.^

The first thing that was on my mind when I was unpacking and photographing this necklace, was that it is super duper thin! It's super thin and lightweight, but much thinner than I was expecting. I also noticed that the rhinestones in the center of the necklace are incredibly crooked. They look like diamond backed rhinestones instead of flat-back, which would explain why they don't sit straight (which you can see in the top right photo), also the rhinestones are a different type and colour to those that are advertised. The advertised rhinestones are AB rhinestones (rhinestones that shine like mini rainbows of sunshine and happiness) while the rhinestones on my necklace are clear rhinestones (no rainbow of sunshine and happiness).
Another thing I noticed when I tried the necklace on is how long it is on me. It sits lower on my than any other necklace I own (apart from those belly button length necklaces) and it just looks a little awkward on me because the majority of the time I wear scoop neck shirts, so the necklace just falls straight down my shirt and you can't see it.

The website states that the pendant should be 3.5cm long, mine measures 2.5cm. The chain length should measure 48cm long, mine measures 56cm long. There website says that there could be a deviation of 2-3cm, but the chain length is 8cm off which is a little disappointing.
This is a comparison to the necklace advertised on Mart of China (left) and the necklace I received (right) which shows how very different they are. The one thing you can't see is the chain (check out the difference here) but I'll quickly list the main differences:

- Different type of chain (Mine has gold jump rings, theirs has a gorgeous flat chain with nice links)
- Different chain length (8cm difference) 
- Different pendant length, thickness, colour and shape  
- Different rhinestones (Theirs has 4 flat-back AB rhinestones and mine has 3 diamond back clear rhinestones)
- Different shaped and sized pearls (Theirs has 64 pearls and mine has 32 pearls, yeah, I counted it)
 What I Love
- Super cheap
- It's still a pretty cute necklace!

What I Don't Love
- Completely different necklace to the one advertized
-Just way too many differences to the necklace advertised
 Final Thoughts
I don't quite know what to say. It's a really cute necklace, and it's super cheap ($2.27USD) but it's just absolutely, most definitely, not at all what is being advertised. I've been really looking forward to buying some clothing/shoes from Mart of China but now I'm just so unsure of what to expect! I'll probably buy a pair of shoes or a dress just out of curiosity sake, but it's still just a little disappointing to receive something that's not what I was expecting.

Have any of you princesses ordered from Mart of China before? What was your experience like?


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