Monday, 21 April 2014

Manicure Monday: IT'S SO FLUFFY

Hello Princesses!

Today I have a really simple manicure, (simple because it's just one polish, so it's nothing inventive on my part, but I thought it was cute anyway!) using the polish IT'S SO FLUFFY from Pop Culture Cosmetics!
I bought this polish from one of the PANZ girls destashes simply because I liked the name and the pink glitters! It's jam packed with square, circle, bar, heart, star and diamond shaped pink glitter, with small and medium sized holo glitters all mixed up in a milky crelly base. It's a perfect feminine polish that isn't too overpowering - however it's a GIANT pain to get off considering the ratio of polish to glitter. That won't stop me from wearing it though - It's so fluffy, I wanna die! ^.^


  1. Oh the cutness! This is so girly and adorable! ♥

  2. Love the pink glitter shape.

  3. The different shapes of glitters makes it looks super unique ~ love it!

    ♥Kay | imladiiekay | Beauty & Lifestyle blog ♡


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