Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday Swatches: Colour Correctors

Hello Princesses!

For this Sunday Swatches Session I've swatched my current collection of colour correctors! I don't have very many, and I only use them occasionally (with the exception being Etude House's Any Cushion!) but when I use them they are incredibly handy!
Meow Cosmetics Camo-Cats - Blue
Meow Cosmetics Camo-Cats - Lavender
Meow Cosmetics Camo-Cats - Yellow
Meow Cosmetics Camo-Cats - Green
Missha Signature Raidience Make Up Base - Green
Etude House Baby Choux - Green
Etude House Baby Choux - Pink
Etude House Any Cushion - Magic Pink
It was especially interesting for me to see the difference between the Etude House Baby Choux and Any Cushion, because they are such similar products. I have to say that I prefer the Missha base and Any Cushion base to the two Baby Choux bases because they are paler in colour and suit my complexion a little better!
I hope these swatches are helpful for you princesses! ^.^ Feel free to share these swatch pictures - but please put a link to this post if you do share! xx 

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