Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Review: Etude House Missing U Hand Cream I Can Fly!

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be showing you some of the cutest hand creams around - Etude House's Missing U Hand Cream I Can Fly!  I bought these from RoseRoseShop for $5.50USD each.

These little hand creams have the most gorgeous packaging, as you usually expect from anything Etude House, and each colour has a different scent and a different endangered bird with it's own little story!
"Kakapo - Sunny Apple Scent.
Hi! I'm Kakapo, the longest living bird on earth! Although I can't fly, I'm a great night parrot endemic in New Zealand. People live me and my Kakapo friends so much that they hunt and take us as pets. As a result, we are now in danger of extinction, with only 121 of us now. Please help us to be friends with you for a long time!

Eagle Owl - Very Berry Cherry Scent
Hi! I'm Eagle Owl, the great night bird! I like to hunt during night time, with my big eyes lit as headlights. I am in danger of extinction, because hunting has become so difficult in bright city nights. Please help e to fly free again!

Cerulean Warbler - Sweet Cotton Candy Scent
Hi! I'm Cerulean Warbler, the pretty singing bird in blue! You may already know me from many fairy tales as I represent happiness, I like to sing, sitting on a branch, but nowadays I can't find many places to sit and sing because of tall buildings with glass walls. Also, many of my friends didn't notice those walls and crashed into them. Please help me to sing freely again!

Easten Glass Owl - Peach Peach Peach Scent
Hi! I'm Eastern Glass Owl, the vest night hunter with a pretty heart-shaped face mask. I utilize my features like high tech equipment so I can hunt very well even in the dense forests at night. However, I am in danger of extinction, because hunting has become so difficult with lesser natural areas. Please help me to fly freely again!" (1)

I find it slightly hilarious, yet slightly morbid that you unscrew their heads to get the hand cream out. The name of the product is slightly irritating to me for two reasons - the abbreviation of You to U, and also the grammar. It would be a little better if the product was called - Missing You Hand Cream, I Can Fly! (but perhaps that's just me being picky!)

The hand cream is very thick, faintly coloured and very scented. If you don't like heavily scented products then you should probably stay away from this hand cream! I don't particularly love the Apple Scent (pictured below) but found the Peach and Cotton Candy scent quite lovely!
I have a very high expectations for hand creams since I punish my hands and cuticles quite severely with acetone nail polish remover and general workie stuff, and in all honesty, this hand cream doesn't quite cut it for me in terms of moisturization and absorption. It's just a perfectly average hand cream in a super adorable container! ^.^
(I mean seriously - HOW CUTE IS THAT, it's giving you the side eye!)

What I Love
-SUPER CUTE packaging
- Affordable 
- Pocket size and travel friendly

What I Don't Love
- Not a revolutionary hand cream

Final Thoughts
Even though I don't love the hand cream, I really do love the packaging, and will use up all of the hand cream and replace it with another one! ^.^ The packaging for this product is just fantastic - super cute, pocket/handbag/palm sized, and very durable since it's made of a tough plastic. I would gladly repurchase this product if I ever lost the owl packaging, but it would be a purchase for the packaging, and not the actual products.

I hope you princesses found this review helpful, have you ever tried these hand creams before?


  1. Very cute packaging!!!
    I saw one on Etude house outlet :))

    love lots,

  2. so cute! :)


  3. They're so cute! But I'm so picky with handcreams, so I think I would do the same thing. Replace the hand cream and keep the cute tub!

    Beauty Challenged

    1. So cute right! I gifted one to my sister and she uses it to store her earrings! ^.^

  4. I really like the Kakapo one so I went to roserose to get more and they were all sold out :(
    Do you know any other place that sells these?

    1. Hmm they're an older release - but some online stores should still carry them! Try w2beauty, koreadepart and stores like that (:


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