Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Review: Missha Signature Dramatic Rose Petal Blusher

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be showing you this amazingly gorgeous blusher - Missha's Signature Dramatic Rose Petal Blusher in No.02 Coral Rose, sent to me by Cosmetic Love! Thank you so much Cosmetic Love! ^.^
As usual, Cosmetic Love sent me a tracking number so I could safely track my parcel, and my package arrived safe and sound in one week and two days! They also popped some skincare samples in for me which I really appreciate! ^.^ Cosmetic Love provides free worldwide shipping with any order (which is amazing!) with a $2.50 tracking upgrade.
The packaging is quite big, sophisticated and shiny. It shows fingerprints pretty easily so make sure not to touch it with dirty fingers!
The blusher itself has 4 different blusher shades and one highlighter shade. You can choose to mix all 5 colours together, or dip your brush into one or two shades to create your own custom colour.
The inside of the compact has a clear case that holds the brush snugly, but I took the clear cover off because I don't plan on using this brush with this blusher. I don't love these types of brushes because they aren't fantastic for blusher application - but this brush is soft, fluffy and picks up a ton of product! I'm going to use this brush for contouring instead of blusher, because it suits that shape much better.

I swatched all of the colours separately, and then combined. Most of the colours are quite vibrant, with the exception of shade 2 which barely shows up at all even on my porcelain skin! The combined effect is a lovely peachy shimmery colour, but I find that it's definitely more of an orange/peach colour rather than the pinky coral that I was initially expecting.
The colours are all (with shade 2 being the exception) very pigmented and smooth to apply. The four colours are satiny smooth with no sparkles, while the highlighter does have some sparkly shimmers. The combined effect is a very pleasant satiny shimmer (without being disco ball sparkly).
(Click to enlarge)
I prefer to use a big fluffy blush to apply this blusher. The big brush gives a flush of colour to my cheeks, and makes the blusher really easy to apply and blend.
 What I Love
- Beautiful rose pattern

- Sophisticated packaging
- Removable clear cover
- Long lasting
- Easy to apply

What I Don't Love
- I wish it was more coral than peach
- Slightly pricey at $28USD
Final Thoughts
I really really like this blush! I wish it was a little less orange, but I can just avoid brushing the orange rose when picking up the colour. The blush is long lasting, pigmented, satiny without being sparkly, easy to apply and did I mention that the colours are roses? 

Is it really worth $28USD? For me it is, because I collect makeup items that are aesthetically pleasing and also work well, and this blush does fit the bill of being gorgeous to look at with a lovely product inside. It is pricey, and I'm sure you could find a blush that gives you a similar colour and finish that's cheaper, but try finding a cheaper blusher with a rose pattern and then show it to me! ^.^

A huge thank you to Cosmetic Love for sending me this gorgeous product! As usual - I always review honestly, and this review is based on my own un-biased opinion.
What do you princesses think about this blusher? I really want to try Anna Sui's version of this blusher next! ^.^


  1. This is beautiful! It reminds me of the Chantecaille blushes. I love Missha things. Will check out Cosmetic Love too, I just bought some things from BeautyNetKorea so excited to try more Korean beauty stores! x

  2. Lovely blush~ And it looks great on you ^u^
    That is really pricey though .-. Also I'd be sad when the rose designs faded away, but it does seem like a wonderful color otherwise
    Great review~

  3. I loved the colors , they combined well ^^

  4. aaawwwhhh..... so lovely on you....

    much love,

  5. Your'e a kiwi right, just wondering why you are trying so hard to appear like a kawaii Japanese girl? It's a bit embarrassing actually :/

    1. Hahahaha yeah I'm a kiwi - but even though I like the Japanese culture I am in now way trying to appear Japanese. Try googling Japanese makeup or gyaru makeup and you'll see what I mean. Being "Kawaii" or cute, yeah sure, because why would I choose to look ugly or unpleasant?

      Please do some research next time you choose to comment to avoid embarrassing yourself, or better yet, grow some balls and come off anon before you bully people online. Peace.

  6. amazing review! I was just looking to buy this blush and now definitely am!


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