Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Store Review: Kirei Station

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Kirei Station! I have wanted to shop with Kirei for some time now, but it's not the cheapest place to shop nor is it the most convenient so I have put it off for quite a while.

Website Practicality
I found this website pretty easy to navigate, though I find the black background to be a little heavy. It was easy to create an account, find items and check out. After checkout I did have some difficulty using my order section, it doesn't update with any shipping information, so if you're like me and your shipping info gets sent to the junk section of your inbox, you won't be able to find your tracking number on your order information. I also contacted Kirei to find out where the tracking details were, but they replied with the tracking website, not the actual tracking number (which went to junk, where I found the dispatch email anyway) which wasn't very helpful at all really.
Price Comparison
Kirei Station has average prices, I did think they were more expensive, but when I compare it to other stores they're actually not too bad. They do offer products that a lot of other stores don't (especially the Biore sunscreen I bought) so I could only compare their prices to Yesstyle, but for a lot of other products Sasa also offers a great selection to compare to.

Kirei Station
Biore Uv Perfect Milk - $11.40 + Shipping - $4.00 = $15.40

Biore Uv Perfect Milk - $10.16 + Shipping - $4.11 = $14.27 

Shipping and Packaging
I made my order on the 6th of Feb, my order was shipped on the 9th and arrived at my house on the 24th. My shipping cost $4 and came with a tracking number. Since I only purchased a sunscreen, my order was sent in a bubble wrapped trackpack bag. Kirei Station does also declare a low value of the purchase too. Nothing was damaged during transit and they also sent along 2 sheetmasks and a box of chocolates with my sunscreen which was just so adorable!
Final Thoughts
My shopping experience with Kirei Station started out by being rather average, but having my product sent with a box of chocolate balls made the experience deliciously good and created a return customer. The shipping isn't as quick as Sasa, so if I needed something quickly I would choose Sasa, but Sasa doesn't send out chocolate or any samples with their order so, meh. I will definitely be shopping with Kirei Station again!

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