Thursday, 20 April 2017

Review: Creer Beaute Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Lip Rouge

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Creer Beaute Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Lip Rouge! I picked these up recently because they just looked so cute that I couldn't resist!
Light red rouge takes up the shape of Sailor Moon's magic stick featuring a yellow crescent moon on top.
These lip pencils come in plastic outer packaging which protects the cute packaging. The lip pencil itself has baby pink plastic packaging and the cap has a moon on the top similar to the transformation wand for Sailor Moon.
There are three shades in the collection, a pink, peach and red. The Lip Rouge is just shaped like a big lip pencil which makes it really easy to apply nicely.

Rich Pink
Rich Pink is a cute baby pink. This is quite a MLBB for me.
I find Rich Pink easiest to apply and wear since it's quite close to my own lip colour. These lip rouges are slightly waxy and can drag a little on my lips when I apply them. Since they have a waxy texture, they can accentuate any dry skin on my lips since the hard pencils can lift the textured skin up.
Apricot Pink
Apricot Pink is a beautiful peach shade.
Apricot Pink is a really nice shade for me, it's a little more neutral than Rich Pink and it looks really nice on. I find that all of these lip colours are quite sheer, and I have to build up the colour over a couple of layers. However with so many layers of product it's inevitable that it becomes a little uneven, and I find these wear off in the center of my lips quite quickly.
Light Red
Light Red is a pretty, sheer red shade.
This shade is a little tricky to work with, the colour is much more pigmented than the previous two shades, but it also still needs more than one layer to be a nice red. With two or three layers of colours, as soon as I rub my lips together the colour will migrate, leaving a rich red lip line and a sheer red center. However, it is a lovely shade nonetheless.
Here are all of the shades together, I definitely prefer the Pink and Apricot over the Red.
What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Lovely colour range
- Quite sheer in colour (lovely for natural looks)
- Easy to apply and reapply
- Fair lasting power at around 5 hours

What I Don't Love
- Fairly expensive at $30NZD each
- Accentuates flaws in lips
- Quite sheer in colour (won't work as well with pigmented lips)

Final Thoughts
There are a fair few positive and negative aspects for these lip rouges, and for me it really boils down to the positive of the cute packaging is, and the negative of the price. They are expensive for what they are, and if they weren't in this super cute Sailor Moon packaging I wouldn't hesitate to say they were overpriced. However, they are limited edition items, made for a Sailor Moon collection, so if you are a huge Sailor Moon fan then you will love these as they are absolutely adorable. If you're not really into Sailor Moon and sheer lip products, you will want to give this collection a miss, because for that price you can find many other more pigmented options. Personally, I think they're super cute and I am a collector, so these will stay in my collection for a little while longer! I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of the Pink and Peach shade, but not so much for the red because the upkeep is much harder.

I would recommend these Lip Rouges to any Princesses that are obsessed with Sailor Moon, or are looking for sheer lipsticks.

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  1. These lipsticks have such adorable packaging! I really like the peach shade~
    It's a shame they're so pricey though!

  2. I love your blog! The reviews are always super detailed and it seems we have a similar skintone - so thank you for making choosing a bb cream easier for me!!


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