Thursday, 27 April 2017

Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints! These are definitely not new products, but I've never tried from them before and I always hear great things about them, so I thought it was well worth trying out.
"Tint promotes moist & shiny cherry lips with a creamy, smooth texture."
There are four permanent colours in the collection, though sometimes they do release limited edition shades. As usual for Etude House, these have very cute packaging that is moderately functional, it's a little hard to store because of the packaging shape, but it still works.
The tint comes with a doe foot applicator which makes the tint very easy to apply and reapply. In general the tints are quite sheer but can be built up to be more pigmented. Their lasting power isn't fantastic, I can get a good 3 to 4 hours out of the lighter shades and a little more with the red before I need reapplication, but they are so cheap that it's not such a big deal.
RD301 is a light red shade. This is the most pigmented shade in the collection.
This shade lasts the best on my lips since it is quite pigmented, and it works really well with dry, flawed lips since the formula is quite moisturising. It's also quite easy to reapply and doesn't look chunky after a second layer.
PK002 is the darker pink shade in the collection. This tints my lips slightly darker than their natural shade.
This shade is quite nice for me to use on a day to day basis with a little bit of make up, it is very sheer so it's best for me for natural looks. I personally really like sheer lip shades, though I understand that a lot of people don't, I don't often do a full glam face of makeup so these types of tints get more use for me.
PK001 is a light baby pink, and  a good dupe for Benefit's Posietint.
This shade is a MLBB for me, it matches my lips well but it makes them look a lot nicer and plumper. This is a shade that I get a fair bit of wear from, I love using it when I'm just using mascara and a bit of brow product because it doesn't look too overdone, just very natural. This shade gets the most wear for me out of the four.
OR201 is a beautiful natural peach shade.
This is a really nice natural shade, but it doesn't get quite as much wear for me in comparison to the pink shades. It's super pretty, but I just prefer pinks.
Here are all the shades together! The collection is really nice, but since they are so sheer they can look very similar. The red shade does stand out as being very different, whereas the two pinks and the orange are pretty close in colour. These lip tints also dry down matte and are smudgeproof.
What I Love
- Inexpensive at around $5-6USD each
- Cute packaging
- Nice colour range
- Easy to apply and reapply
- Moisturising and flattering for dry lips
- Dries down to be smudgeproof

What I Don't Love
- Packaging is a little hard to store
- The three lighter shades do look quite similar
- Lasting power is quite average at around 3-4 hours

Final Thoughts
These tints are pretty good value, but I don't think the lighter colours are unique enough that most people would need the entire collection. The tints are quite sheer, so quite a lot of my natural lip colour shows through the tint which does contribute to the similarity in colour. I really like that the formula is moisturising and doesn't accentuate the flakes and lines on my lips, but it still dries down matte and is smudgeproof which is great! The lighter colours don't last quite as long as the red, but it's pretty hard to get sheer shades to be long lasting. All in all, I quite like these, but I don't think that I need to keep all of them because they are very similar.

I would recommend the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints to any Princesses that are looking for cutely packaged, sheer lip tints! 

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  1. I have the peach one! I agree that's very light and sheer, tho I would sometimes dab some on my cheeks for some blush!

  2. OR201 seems right up my alley! What are your favorite lip tints in general?

  3. I tried these before and i love to use them when i do light, almost not there make-ups, and i love the fact that they are moisturizing!



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