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Review: Colourpop Hello Kitty Lipstick

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about some of the Colourpop Hello Kitty lipstick range! This is my first venture into Colourpop, and initially I was only going to grab the Lippie Stix, but ended up grabbing Puroland too which contained 5 mini's of the liquid lips in the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin formula too, so decided to throw them into this review too. Usually I only review complete collections, but since this was such an unknown for me (and usually I focus on Asian Beauty) I decided to just go for a small amount of products to begin with.
Lippie Stix
The lippie stix were the products that interested me the most, and in this collection there are three different shades. The Hello Kitty collection comes with some silver bows on the lid which I think is very cute, and the packaging is quite functional too as you just wind the product up.
The colour range is quite nice too, I would expect a red and pink in this collection of course, but was happily surprised by the dusty rose of Konnichiwa.
Let's Play
Brilliant cranberry lightly dusted with hot pink pearls
Let's Play is a beautiful shade, though initially I was very wary of the glitter in the formula. However, when it's on my lips the glitter really enhances the shade and it looks beautiful. I found this shade pretty easy to apply, though I can definitely use a lip liner.
This is more of an occasion lipstick colour for me rather than an every day shade, but I find that the addition of the glitter really makes it stand out in my rather large collection of lipsticks and it makes my lips look fuller and more healthy, rather than dry and pruney.
Date Mate
A vibrant cool-toned fuchsia
This is the shade that excited me the most on the website, but in real life I'm slightly scared of how bright and matte it is. I found this shade slightly harder to apply because of the waxy formula, it didn't glide across my lips quite as nicely as the other two formulas. The uneven outline can definitely be fixed with a lip liner though!
I really like the way this shade looks on my skintone, though I feel like I really have to cover up any flaws on my base before using it! It also requires a little more lip prep since it is a matte and will emphasise any flakes.
A bright dusty rose
A bright dusty rose may seem like an oxymoron, but it's quite an apt description of the colour in reality. This shade has a beautiful creme formula that works well with my dry flaky lips too.
I've never had a lipstick this colour before, but I quite like the way it looks! Despite being such a creamy formula this lasts quite well, and only needs reapplying after I eat.
Ultra Matte
There are three ultra matte shades in the mini collection and man are they ultra matte!
A rich blue red
The first shade I have is Ribbon which is such a classic colour. I find the matte formula easy to apply, though it would look better with a lip liner since it's hard to cover up any mistakes.
This isn't a colour that I would wear regularly, but it is a really nice colour for my skin tone. Since it's matte it does feel quite drying and I like to apply a lip balm over the top every so often, but even after using a lip balm this does dry down matte again which is great. It's pretty long lasting too, but I always need a reapplication after eating.
A rich smokey mauve
This isn't a shade I would usually pick for myself because it's pretty dark and purple, but it did come in the pack so I didn't really have a choice.
I found that Mimmy looks pretty purple on me, though I have seen some other Princesses wear it and it looks so much lighter! This shade isn't my favourite, it is a little patchy and I found it hard to apply nicely without a matching lip liner, my lip line looks much pinker than the rest of my lip!
Milk Bottle
A pretty mid-tone pink
Milk Bottle is a little lighter on my lips than it is on my arm swatch, and is very matte.
I quite like this shade, though I can only wear it for a short amount of time because it's a matte formula and quite drying. I think the colour is really gorgeous and it suits me well, so I have been wearing it quite a lot!
Ultra Satin
The last two shades are in the Ultra Satin formula! I prefer the Ultra Satin formula because it is a little more flattering on my dry lips, though they can feel a little tacky throughout the day.
Lock Diary
A deep fuchsia
Lock Diary has a beautiful formula and looks really flattering on my lips. The colour applies evenly and smoothly, I don't necessarily need a lip liner with this shade, but as always using it with a liner is advantageous.
I adore this colour, it's probably the shade that gets the most use out of all of them because the formula is so flattering and I really like the colour on my skintone. The Ultra Satins don't wear as long as the Ultra Mattes, but they stain well and fade gracefully.
Tiny Chum
A soft mauve
Even though Tiny Chum is listed as a soft mauve, this is definitely a nude for my skintone.
I think this shade looks so nice in photos, but it's not a shade I fully feel comfortable wearing in real life yet. I'm not so much into the nude shades, I always prefer pinks, but this shade is still pretty nonetheless!
This is what all of the colours look like together!
There is a great range of finishes, but the colours are quite similar really. Even with the other colours in the range, there are a lot of sister shades. I missed out on Ultra Glossy lips, but they were just more shades of the same.
What I Love
- Cute, functional packaging
- Great range of finishes
- Mostly easy to apply, though benefit from lip liners
- Last well throughout the day and fade gracefully
- Easy to reapply   

What I Don't Love
- Ultra Mattes can give me pruney lips

Final Thoughts
I'm very happy with the shades that I purchased! I was a little unsure of Colourpop as a brand, but I think the products are really good quality, and are depicted and described accurately on their website. I don't know if I'll end up buying many more of the Ultra Matte lipsticks, just because my lips are quite dry and wrinkly anyway, these types of formulas definitely accentuate every little wrinkle, but I really liked the Creme and Ultra Satin formulas. This Hello Kitty collection was limited edition, but there are some shades still available to grab if you want them!

I would recommend the Colourpop Hello Kitty Lipstick Collection to any Princesses that are Hello Kitty fans, and love red, pink and nude lipstick shades. 

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