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Provided for Review: Beyond Alice in Wonderland Glow Cream Shadows

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Beyond Alice in Wonderland Glow Cream Shadows! These shadows were kindly provided for review by KoreanKiwiBeauty which is an amazing KBeauty store here in New Zealand!
Glow cream eye shadow with pearl glow for shimmery eyes. Contains royal black tea essence and diamond powder for long lasting eye makeup."(1)
The packaging of these shadows is so cute, they all have the same picture of Alice on the front. There is a little cap inside the shadow casing, this keeps the shadow pans from actually crumbling and falling out of the case.
There are 10 shades in the collection and it contains both neutral shades as well as some brighter and more unusual colours!
In general, the shades are either very sheer and glittery, or very pigmented. When you press your finger into the pans they feel so soft and jelly like, and when you swatch them the feel smooth and buttery, despite the amount of glitter and shimmer in the formula they don't feel gritty to use. These all have fairly good longevity on my oily lids, they crease after 6 hours wear for me, but so does literally any other shadow. I didn't notice a difference in longevity when using a make up primer or not.
Sugar Snow
The first shade is Sugar Snow which is a sheer white shadow with iridescent pink glitter. This is the sheerest shade out of the 10 and looks beautiful on it's own, and used as a pop of shimmer over the centre of the lid.
Orange Blast
Orange Blast is a beautiful gold shadow with orange shimmer. This shadow is the driest out of the 10 shades and is the easiest to apply and blend since it's a shimmer rather than a glitter, there isn't nearly as much fallout as the other shades.
Grapefruit Squeeze

Grapefruit Squeeze is one of my favourites out of the collection! It's a beautiful sheer rose shadow with gold glitter and I absolutely love it. I just wear this on it's own and it's very bright and fresh which I think is lovely.

Rosy Cupcake
Rosy Cupcake is a bright red shade with gold glitter. This shade is very out of my comfort zone and definitely not something I would wear regularly, but it is really beautiful. This shade is really pigmented, so it is a little more obvious when you don't blend as well as you should.
Almond Crumble
Almond Crumble is a bronze shade with gold glitter. This is one of the beautiful neutral shades and it's easy to use on it's own or in combination with other shades. It also works beautifully to highlight the center of the lid for a beautiful shimmer.
Apple Pie
Apple Pie is a khaki green shade with gold glitter. This shade was surprisingly wearable for me! With many of the more pigmented shades I find that the best application method is to apply the colour with my fingers and then blend out the harsh lines with a clean brush. This way you get the most glitter since the brushes do tend to sweep the glitter off.
Choco Fudge
Choco Fudge is a delicious chocolate brown shade with gold glitter. I really hate the abbreviation choco or choc, for some reason it just frustrates me. However, I do really like this shade and it is my second favourite right after Grapefruit Squeeze. This is a great shade to be worn on it's own, it's a great neutral and it works well with many other shadows too.
Signature Alice
Signature Alice is a bright icy blue with silver shimmer. This is another shade that is way out of my comfort zone, it very much reminds me of Elsa from Frozen too! I found that the formula of this shadow was slightly patchy, I did really have to work at building it up evenly so there weren't patches missing. I'm not certain that I personally would ever wear this shadow, but it is beautiful!
Blueberry Ballen
Blueberry Ballen is a sheer Lavender shade with silver shimmer. I'm not sure about the name of this shade, but it is really pretty and strangely quite wearable. It's definitely not an everyday shade, but it does look nice against brown eyes!
Blackberry Brownie
The final shade is Blackberry Brownie which is a charcoal grey with silver shimmer. This is the hardest to apply nicely as it is the darkest. In general I do find this shadows slightly difficult to blend since the cream like formula doesn't seem to mesh well with brushes, and with the darker shades my pudgey fingers find it a little difficult not to go too far and make myself look like I'm attempting drag make up. However, this shade is actually quite a good one to use as a base for a smokey eye and can look really pretty!
 Here are all of the shadows together, you can clearly see the difference between the pigmented shades and the sheerer shades!
What I Love
- Average price at $15NZD each
- Super cute packaging
- Gorgeous colour range
- Great mix of highly pigmented and sheer shades
- Apply beautifully with fingers
- Fairly good longevity on slightly oily lids  

What I Don't Love
- Shadow pans fall out if you don't use the plastic covers
- Hard to blend with brushes

Final Thoughts
There are some shades that I really enjoy in this collection, and a couple that I know I will find very difficult to use. I love that they have such a broad colour range even though they're not specifically to my taste, because there are a million neutral palettes that you can get so I don't think it's necessary for it to have 5 different shades of brown really even though I use brown shades the most. I found them easy to apply with my fingers, though difficult to apply nicely with a brush, but I also found it easy to blend out the edges with brushes, but difficult to blend out with chubby fingers. My very last thought with these shadows is that I am never swatching so many glittery eyeshadows in a row again, because even though they are smooth to apply, taking them off literally exfoliated my eyelids over and over again which is why you only see them on one eye only. I don't know how people did the full face of glitter make up challange because removing these is a little uncomfortable!

I would recommend the Beyond Alice in Wonderland Glow Cream Shadows to any Princesses looking for super cute shadows that have a variety of sheer and pigmented formulas, as well as a broad colour range.

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