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Provided for Review: Smile Brilliant

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about my experience with Smile Brilliant! Smile Brilliant was so generous and sent me a whitening kit to review. This is my second foray into whitening my teeth, a couple of years back I tried some of the infamous Crest 3d Whitening Strips which made my teeth soo sensitive I was only able to use them 3 times, so I was slightly hesitant to try out a whitening service. I did have a chat to the Smile Brilliant associate (Erin is fab by the way!) and she reassured me that the whitening fluid does come with a Desensitizing Gel to keep the discomfort to a minimum.

My whitening kit was sent to me in a cute box that contains everything you need to create a custom fit mold and whiten your teeth!
The first step is to make the mold. The kit comes with three sets of clay just in case you mess it up (which I totally did) and two impression trays. It's pretty easy to create the impressions, you mix the white and blue paste together, press it into the tray and gently press it into your teeth until the paste hardens.
I found the bottom row hardest to create, and a slight movement did result in my plastic trays being slightly too wide on my last molar. The bottom row also made me dribble a LOT, do check out the video to see how I make the molds!
Once the impressions are dried and hardened, you pop them in the pre addressed bag and post them. If you live in the US the postage is free, however if you live in New Zealand the postage cost is $13 for standard cost or $50 for tracked. Even though this set was gifted to me, I paid for my own postage, and being the cheap girl that I am I chose un-tracked. My trays took about 2 weeks to get to the US, be made, and sent back to me which is pretty great. Smile Brilliant emails you every step of the way too which is really comforting.
The trays come with a little carry case for travel and storage which is great and they're surprisingly thin and lightweight! It's also super cool to see how crooked my bottom row of teeth look!
My kit came with a box of Desensitizing Gel and Teeth Whitening Gel, and there are 3 syringes in each. I was also sent an extra 3 so I could test this out over a month rather than just a week. In the initial kit you can choose just the whitening gel, and there are different packs containing more or less syringes depending on how stained your teeth are.
This is what my teeth look like before any whitening. The front face looks bright enough, but the back teeth are quite yellow as are the sides of the front teeth. I have fillings in between my front teeth, and the colour of these won't change as I lighten my teeth. 
Our whitening gel formula works by soaking into the teeth and gently lifting stains out the pores. No product on the market can remove deep stains in a 20 minute session so don’t be fooled by gimmicks. True penetration beyond the superficial enamel happens after 40 minutes. Your custom-fit trays ensure the gel stays in even contact with every angle of every tooth.
The whitening process is easy, you apply a thin ribbon of the whitening paste into the tray (not too high or it'll get in your gums) and place the trays gently in your mouth. The trays are pretty thin, but they still increase the width of my teeth. To start with the impressions felt very tight against my gums, but after a couple of wears they became quite comfortable.
 I started off with 45 minutes of whitening per evening.
 On day 1 my teeth seem slightly whiter, but nothing substantially different.
Day 2 showed more whitening, but I also burnt my gums a little. You can see on the fourth teeth on the upper jaw there is some peeling gums which is moderately uncomfortable, but nothing too extreme.
Day 3  had my teeth looking substantially lighter, but my gums also substantially more painful. I decided to take the rest of the week off from whitening to let my gums heal nicely.
This is Week 2, Day 1. This time I whitened for 2 hours before bed and my teeth are looking a little brighter again.
Day 2 and my teeth are brighter, but also substantially more sensitive and I get little sharp pangs of pain when I breathe in. I also burnt my gums slightly again, but it's not painful, just a little uncomfortable. I use the Desenitizing Gel after every use of the whitening fluid and I do think that it helps keep the sensitivity to a minimum!
I have a masterclass tomorrow on the flute, and since this requires a lot of breathing I decided to skip a night to decrease the discomfort.
Day 3 and I don't think my teeth are changing colour anymore which indicates that I can stop whitening them! After a day off whitening there is no sensitivity at all, so if I was to do it all again I would whiten for the 2 hours every second day!
 My before and after photos are quite good I think! My teeth aren't Hollywood white, but it's realistic for everyday life.
What I Love
- Cruelty free and vegan
- Easy to use
- Minimal discomfort
- Brightens teeth naturally
- After the initial whitening, it only needs to be used once a week if needed   

What I Don't Love
- Nothing

Final Thoughts
I took the whitening gel to my personal dentist, and he verified that it was the same active ingredient as they use so I'm pretty happy to recommend Smile Brilliant as a product. I personally saw great results for my teeth, the kit was easy to use and it really is the same thing they use at the dentists office. This isn't a product that claims that it'll whiten your smile to the hollywood white standard, but that would cost a lot more than this does anyway and it a little bit unrealistic unless you're either on TV or living in Hollywood. For me, it worked well and I'm happy with how my smile looks!

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