Monday, 27 July 2015

Store Review: Ebay Seller Rinishop

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Ebay seller Rinishop! I know you're all sick of hearing it, but I found this seller while searching for the Etude House Etoinette lipsticks. I verified the seller through Asian Beauties Giant Seller List before making my purchase, because you can't just trust anyone these days!

Website Practicality
Rinishop is a seller through Ebay, which is a very practical and safe website to shop through generally! You will find fakes being sold on Ebay, so do be careful!

Price Comparison
The prices on Rinishop are actually quite good, and especially since they offer free, tracked shipping, the prices are especially sweet!

Etude House Cookie Blush - $6.32 + Shipping $0.00 = $6.32

Cosmetic Love
Etude House Cookie Blush - $6.94 + Shipping $0.00 = $6.94
Etude House Cookie Blush - $4.66 + Shipping $3.56 = $8.22

Shipping and Packaging
I didn't take a photo of the packaging because I was absolutely desperate to open it and totally forgot! >< The shipping was free and tracked, it was shipped to me on the 5th of May, and arrived at my house on the 29th of May! 20 working days is actually quite a long time, but I didn't need this product urgently so that's OK! My product was packaged securely with a ton of bubble wrap, and arrived to me in perfect condition.  

I ended up purchasing the Etude House Princess Etoinette Lipstick in the shade PRD302! ^.^ I swatched this in Taipei and didn't love the formula (it's SO glittery) so didn't bother to purchase it then and there. I had severe regrets later, and decided to grab this lipstick while it was well priced ($13.78USD)! This was a good decision because now it's listed for $110USD.
What I Love
- Free Shipping with tracking
- Authentic items
- Easy to navigate website (Ebay)
- Well priced products

What I Don't Love
- Slow shipping

Final Thoughts
I quite enjoyed my shopping experience with Rinishop! I love that they have free, tracked shipping (even though I didn't know it was tracked until I wrote this post in all honesty) and I'm really pleased that the lipstick was in good condition! I'm really glad that this store was on the seller list of Asian Beauty Reddit, because sometimes I'm not even sure if I can trust stores! ><


  1. ah I've shopped with rinishop before as well! they were amazing and especially loved the free shipping!

    1. Yay! :D Free shipping is actually the best!!

  2. I didn't know this shop ^^ thank you for the review...

    1. It's actually quite a nice store! Thank you for your comment (:

  3. How long did it take for your items to get to you?


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