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Review: Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mists! I have the old packaging of these super cute facial mists, and I actually reviewed the Moist Mist on Lani Loves blog about a year ago now! I decided to purchase the Sleek Mist recently for completions sake, and review both of these mists together!
There are two different types of Pocket Bunny Mists - the Moist Mist for dry skin, and the Sleek Mist for Oily skin. They are both 60ml with a nozzle spray, and come in the cutest bunny packaging! They're a perfect handbag travel size, but not quite pocket size.
The Pocket Bunny Mist is a little taller than a regular lipstick, but a lot chubbier! The bunny head pops easily off to reveal the little spray nozzle. This mist contains Celtic water, which is apparently one of the world's finest waters, providing a good balance of minerals for optimum hydration to the skin keeping it healthy and well-replenished. It also claims to contains fruits like Peaches, Raspberries and Apples, but I cannot find a proper ingredients list anywhere! 

You can use this mist two ways, before your makeup as a light moisturizer, or after your makeup as a setting spray. I prefer to use it after my makeup to give my skin a healthy glow, and to get rid of the dry look my skin sometimes get after being powdered a little too generously. To use, just hold the bunny 20cm away from your face and mist as needed. 

"Sleek Mist: Whitening functional cosmetics. (For bright skin) Containing Camu Camu extract, Pearl extract, Mango extract, Orange extract, Celtic water."(1)
I was under the impression that this mist was for oily skin, but the new updated description says that this is actually for whitening and brightening the skin! This is just as well as I feel like this spray doesn't make my skin any less oily, or make my foundation stay matte for any longer than usual. It does leave a matter finish than the the Moist Mist, but it's not a mattifying finishing spray.
"Moist Mist: (For moist moisture) Baobab leaf extract, Peach extract, strawberry extract, raspberry extract, Celtic water. " (2)
This was the original that I purchased and loved! This is a great little mist for anyone who has dry skin or wants to moisten up a matte/dry looking foundation. 
In the Before photo, my foundation has been mattifyed with a translucent finishing powder. The Misted photo shows the mist freshly applied, (it reminds me of little raindrops!) and the After photo shows the mist after it has dried. After the mist has dried, my skin instantly looks healthier and glowier! (Super old photo from the original review, my thoughts on this mist still remain the same! ^.^)
What I Love
- Makes my skin look glowy and healthy
- Dewy finish without looking oily
- Smells lovely and fresh
- Relatively cheap
- Easy to use
- Absorbs fast, no sticky residue

What I Don't Love
- Doesn't help my makeup last any longer
- Doesn't provide much hydration as a moisturizer
- Doesn't make my skin whiter
Final Thoughts
I absolutely adore both of these little bunny mists! They can be a real saviour if I accidentally powder my face a little too much, or if my skin is just looking dry and dull, because they gives me a gorgeous dewy finish without looking oily. I wish that they helped my makeup stay longer, but personally, the cute factor kinda makes up for that! They're the perfect handbag size to bring along to work with you if you work in air conditioned environment! 

If you want super dewy, moist looking skin, I would definitely suggest the Moist Mist, but if you're after a very light hydration with almost no disturbance to the original finish of your base, then you should choose the Sleek Mist! ^.^ They're super cute, portable, and help your skin from drying out. I love both of these!


  1. Soooo cute! I got the Moist version, mainly because I wanted the pink packaging a bit more than the white one, and it can basically replace a moisturizer for my oily skin.
    I kinda wish they had kept the old packaging, it's way cuter, while the new one is more sleek..

    1. I got the Moist Mist first because it had cuter packaging >< even though I have oily skin! Yeah I agree, old packaging is way cuter than the new.

  2. These seem great! Dewy finishes seem to be really on trend right now, so I might get one of these!

    Belle in Black and White

    1. Definitely grab the Moist Mist then! ^.^

  3. I've heard great things about the Holika Holika Sweet Cotton mist as a matte setting spray, though its not nearly as adorable as the bunnies

    1. Ooh the Holika Holika mist sounds interesting! Sometimes functionality is best >< though if the packaging is that ugly maybe I'll just have to sacrifice one of the bunnies mist and replace it with that one! ^.^


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