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Fail Product: Etude House Play 101 Pencil; 24

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Play 101 Pencil in the shade 24, and how much it disappoints me. It's not often that I find Fail Products in the Etude House line (since I pretty much worship them, lets be honest) but I was utterly disappointed in this product! Don't get me wrong, there are some good aspects of this product, but it's useless for the main reason that I purchased it. 
 "What it is
Easy and fast makeup pencil type eyeliner with 50 various colors and textures. Pencil for from beginning to finishing of makeup.  

What it does
 - Simply full makeup: Various pencils which could be used for eyues, lips, cheeks, etc.
- Rich color with a single drawing: Rich and pigmented colors that do not need layering over and over.
- 5 various textures: Creamy, matte, glossy, shimmering, and glitter types available. Pick your favorite texture and experience the easy and fast makeup
- Long lasting waterproof function: Made of 'highly functional waterproof polymer'* for long-lasting makeup.
(*'Highly functional waterproof polymer' is NOT applied to some of glossy type items)

Color System
- Creamy: Soft drawing texture with rich colors.
- Matte: Soft drawing but powdery finishing. Recommend to use as eyebrow, eyeshadow, concealer, and base.
- Glossy: Moist texture that can simply fill up crease. Recommend to use as blusher and lips.
- Shimmering: Delicate glittering color for urbane look.
- Glitter: Glittering texture for dramatic and fancy makeup.

#1 (Creamy) / #2 (Glitter) / #3 (Glitter) / #4 (Glitter) / #5 (Glitter)
#6 (Shimmering) / #7 (Matte) / #8 (Matte) / #9 (Matte) / #10 (Matte)
#11 (Creamy) / #12 (Glossy) / #13 (Glitter) / #14 (Creamy) / #15 (Glossy)
#16 (Creamy) / #17 (Creamy) / #18 (Matte) / #19 (Creamy) / #20 (Creamy)
#21 (Glossy) / #22 (Glossy) / #23 (Glossy) / #24 (Creamy) / #25 (Glossy)
#26 (Glitter) / #27 (Glitter) / #28 (Glitter) / #29 (Shimmering) / #30 (Creamy)
#31 (Glitter) / #32 (Matte) / #33 (Matte) / #34 (Glitter) / #35 (Glitter)
#36 (Glitter) / #37 (Creamy) / #38 (Glitter) / #39 (Glitter) / #40 (Glitter)
#41 (Glitter) / #42 (Matte) / #43 (Glitter) / #44 (Glitter) / #45 (Shimmering)
#46 (Glitter) / #47 (Shimmering) / #48 (Glitter) / #49 (Creamy) / #50 (Creamy)

- As Eyeliner: 1~5, 27~50
- As Eyeshadow: All options
- As Makeup Base: 6~10
- As Highlighter: 6
- As Concealer: 8
- As Lip / Blusher: 11~26
- As Eyebrow: 41, 42

- Because of pigments' features, red-ish colors (#17, #19, #20, #22, etc.) can be colored too long. Please use them only as lip or blusher and wash off clearly while cleansing." (1)
I bought the shade 24 especially to line my lips when I'm wearing the Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked, because even though those Velvetines are advertised as not needed lip liners, they totally do, and it's such a dark colour that I can't afford to make a mistake with the Velvetine because it just doesn't come off without wiping the rest of my foundation off. The shade 24 is quite a good match for Wicked!
You're supposed to be able to use this pencil as an eyeliner, blush and lipstick. I was really looking forward to using this pencil as an eye liner because I absolutely love Burgundy eye liner! It's quite easy to apply the pencil directly on the upper lash line, but I prefer a thinner line which means I need to use an Angled Liner Brush. This gives a less vibrant colour than using the pencil properly.
If you have oily lids like myself, you will find that this pencil imprints on your upper lid. It looks pretty awful after a couple of hours, I think setting this pencil with a powder would definitely help, but I don't actually have a burgundy coloured eyeshadow, so it's not an option for me. -.-
This pencil works quite well as a blush since it's so creamy, but I prefer to use powder blushes rather than cream because the blending involved with using cream blushes does tend to also sheer out the foundation underneath, which isn't great when you have red hyper-pigmentation scars on your cheeks. It's not my personal preference for a blush, but it does work well.
You can use this pencil to create a gradient lip, since it's so creamy it does work quite well. It needs retouching like your average gradient lip, but the pencil is easy to carry for touch ups.
The first and foremost reason that I purchased this Pencil is to line my lips while wearing Lime Crime's Velvetine in the shade Wicked. However, it's just too creamy to make for a good, long lasting lip liner. The Velvetines are designed to be long wearing, (although personally they chunk up something terrible after eating and drinking) and this pencil doesn't even last four hours without fading and smudging, after 6 hours it starts to feather out into my lip lines. It actually looks better for me to wear Wicked without this liner, because at least my crooked line stays firm without fading.

What I Love
- Amazing shade and formula range
- Good price ($6USD)
- Makes a gorgeous cream blush
- Works well as a gradient lip colour

What I Don't Love
- Too creamy to use as an eye liner without setting it
- Feathers and fades so badly as a lip liner (not good for a dark colour!)

Final Thoughts
There are some aspects about this pencil that I love, but the two main reasons that I bought this pencil for are absolute fails! It looks absolutely awful as a lip liner because it's just too creamy to stay within the lip lines, it makes me look like I've been super lazy with my lip lining when it fades and feathers, and with such a dark colour it's not a good look! I also dislike that the creamy formula makes for a terrible eyeliner, unless you like the smudged burgundy eye liner look (which is a good look on some, but I want a nice crisp line).

I don't think these pencils in general are awful failures, but I do think that they've tried to cover all the bases and by doing so, failed in half of them. A pencil with a creamy enough formula to be a good blush does not make for a good lip liner. This is a Fail Product because I bought it to be a lip and eye liner, and it doesn't work well. It does work well as a cream blush and a gradient lip, but I already have products that cover those bases!

I would absolutely love to try out the other colours and formulas of the Play 101 Pencils, and I would definitely recommend this shade for anyone wanting a natural looking cream blush, or a gorgeous gradient lip. ^.^ 


  1. damn! so glad i read this review because i was actually just going to buy these pencils!

    1. I'm sure some of the pencils are good! It's just that this pencil isn't very good for lining the lips (:

  2. I am yet to find a lip pencil that stops my lips feathering. It feels like I've tried them all, high and low end. And yet I keep feathering! It's the bane of my makeup existence!

    1. Aw that's no good! :C I don't usually have any issues with feathering, but this pencil bled like crazy so I wouldn't recommend it for you!

  3. It's such a cool concept, shame that it's a sucky lip pencil though. I usually end up using MAC Nightmoth to line my lips before wearing Wicked! It does darken the colour a little bit, though. Also I'm not sure if it's just the photos but your Wicked looks much more berry-toned than mine.

    1. I love my MAC liners, never feather or fade! Mine looks only slightly darker than the photos in real life, definitely a very dark berry tone!

  4. I like the idea of multiple uses for one item, but I am not a fan of the formula; the product is so creamy and soft and usually I would love a lip product that is creamy, but because this is in a pencil style, the product breaks easily and it doesn't apply on the lips smoothly. Kinda disappointed! Also some of the lighter shades are pretty useless, non of them shows on my skin and they felt like wax.

    1. Oh that's no good! :C I haven't tried any other shades yet, but had high hopes for the glittery ones!

  5. I want a dark red/burgundy eyeliner so I bought #30 and I like it. I wanted to try #24 too but I have oily lids like you. :c


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