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First Impression: Meow Cosmetics Bronzer and Highlighters

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about Meow Cosmetics Bronzers and Highlighters! There's even a Blush and somewhat of a tanner thrown in there for good measure! ^.^

What Do They Do?

Skinny Dippers

"The mineral cosmetics fountain of youth! 

We all know that a chiseled, contoured cheekbone is slimming.  Now that look is as effortless as a single brush stroke with our new Skinny Dippers Mineral Cheek Contour.

Skinny Dippers differ from our other new product line, Sunsplashers, in that they are intended to provide a very naked color contour.  Sunsplashers create a natural tanned look, as though you were in the sun. 

One sweep of your brush with Skinny Dippers can make your face appear thinner, more radiant and youthful.  Skinny dippers accomplish this without adding any unneeded color, so you don't look made up, you simply look polished and beautiful, naturally!   We recommend applying Skinny Dippers in the hollow just under your cheekbone for a thinning effect that's very sculpted.   But there are several other options  too, there really aren't any rules, and you'll find these mutil-purpose powders to be infinitely versatile!!
*apply to the cheekbone directly (sometimes a lighter shade is best for this but experimentation will tell you what works for you) this has the effect of emphasizing the cheekbone making it appear raised

*apply just under the cheekbone, in the hollow of your cheek.  To see where this is, you can sort of suck your cheeks in a bit, and apply in the hollow that appears.  This effect is my favorite, and creates a very natural contour on the face that can be slimming and youthful!

*apply as an eyeshadow browbone highlight color

*Apply lightly, over or under your favorite blush or bronzer for a completely gorgeous cover girl look. 

Skinny Dippers have an incredibly natural and supple and slightly creamy texture.  While they aren't completely matte, they don't shine either, making them wearable for all skin types and ages. 

With unlimited applications, they're spectacular for brow bone highlighting and eye shadow too!

A purrrfect cheek contour, completely natural beauty, available in 3 color depths custom formulated for your foundation breed.  Beautiful elegance has never been simpler.

Let Skinny Dippers be your little secret...we'll never tell!" (1)

I bought two sample sachets of the Skinner Dippers, the first being the Light Angora shade! The Light Angora is a very pale banana yellow colour which is quite fitting for my pale yellow skin. I absolutely adore this formula, it's smooth, easy to apply and gives the most gorgeous glow! It doesn't make my skin look rough or uneven which is fantastic!
You can apply this product sparingly for a subtle glow, or build it up for a gorgeous highlight worthy of instagramming.
I also bought the sample size of the Light Bengal shade! This is a cool toned silver/pink highlight and works just as well as the Light Angora, but seems a little less obvious when I pack it on. Both shades are lovely, but I prefer the Light Angora personally!

"At Last: A mineral tan in a jar!

The un-bronzer -  Sunsplashers!

Finally you can look like you lounged all day at the pool, without the harmful rays of the sun.   Sunsplashers provide a sheer, sunsplashed color wash of your foundation! Much simpler than bronzer to apply, and faster than a self tanner, Sunsplashers can go anywhere the sun can, at a moment's notice.

Think of them as a sunkissed version of your Meow Cosmetics Foundation.  Error-proof and effortless, simply dust on Sunsplashers anywhere the sun would splash you...on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, a little at the chin and shoulders, and you'll look naturally tanned!

We recommend application with a small contour brush or kabuki, and simply apply and lightly buff yourself into a tan.  Just apply and then watch as Sunsplashers meld into your skin and glow like the rays of the sun!"(2)

I picked up this Sunsplasher! in the shade Light Angora. I found that If I buffed this product into my skin it became a much darker, matter colour, than if I lightly dusted it across the skin.
I applied the Sunsplasher! over a BB Cream that is a little pinker than my skin tone, and it warmed it up really nicely! However, it did leave my skin looking really uneven and rough, which is so odd! It would be lovely as a body bronzer/tanner though, and it comes in great colours for pale and dark skin!

Crystalline Cat Tinted Glow Powders
"Inspired by the minerals that are their namesakes, these tinted glow powders have a multitude of uses!  Wonderful for brightening tired dull skin, putting a soft focus finish over (or under!)  your favorite blush or bronzer, and even as a brow highlight, you'll find new uses for these every time you use them.  They're super soft and extra finely milled, just like our original Crystalline Cat Glow Powder, but now they're all dressed up with a flush of gorgeous fresh color!"(3)
This Glow Powder is absolutely gorgeous, and gives a soft wash of warmth to my face. I don't feel like it brightens my skin overall, but it is a lovely subtle highlighter, somewhat similar to the Guerlain Météorites. It leaves my skin looking smooth and even, rather than exaggerating my pores and uneven skin texture.

The Firefly Collection of Blushes and Bronzers
"They glow from within ...naturally

Our Firefly Collection of blushes and bronzers have a creamy, dewy feel on the skin, and provide a luminescent scintillating sheen of sun drenched color and shimmer.  This collection is comprised of the most sumptuous mineral cosmetic ingredients available."(4)

I purchased the tester shade Tanned Tabby, which is listed as a Light Golden Tan! It's quite a gorgeous light colour, but interestingly enough the shimmer gets buffed right off! I don't particularly mind that since I prefer a more matte bronzer, but I found it quite interesting how different the bronzer looks when swatched heavily, then buffed out!
I found that the bronzer does quite a nice job, I don't usually bronze because it makes my cheek scarring more apparent, but I love that it's quite light on application, it's very difficult to go overboard with this product!
I purchased the Firefly Blush in the shade Glint which is described as a soft light rose pink! I find that the shimmer is more apparent on the cheeks than the actual colour of the blush, and similarly to the PINK Inc: blushes it does exaggerate my pores and uneven skin (which seems to be quite a theme in this brand) but the shimmer in the blush does leave my skin looking glowy from a distance!
 It does leave a gorgeous glow, but at the expense of smooth looking skin.

Would I Purchase These Products?
I absolutely love the Skinny Dippers, but I'm not certain about the rest of the products. The Bronzer is lovely, but I don't really bronze my skin that often, the Crystalline Cat Glow is also quite lovely but not something I really need. I really disliked the Firefly Blush as it made my pores look massive, and the Sunsplasher! wasn't my favourite either.

The Skinny Dippers are definitely the highlight of this post (hahaaa bad jokes) and something I would seriously look at purchasing! I would definitely recommend trying out the sample sachets before buy these products - they're only $1USD each! ^.^

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  1. I am a huge fan of the Firefly blushes but I definitely thought Glint was the one miss in the line. I had the exact same issues as you did. Don't give up on them though because Radiance and Spark are my holy grail blushes! They give natural-looking, long-lasting color that gives me a glow without looking oily or drawing attention to my large pores. I hated Glint but I can't recommend the other Fireflies enough


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