Monday, 6 July 2015

Fail Product: LUSH Body Butter Tin

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking briefly about a fail product, which is actually almost a tool in a sense! It's the LUSH Body Butter Tin! I feel like a lot of my "fail products" are either tools or skincare rather than makeup, since I can generally swatch makeup before buying it, I get a higher success rate with makeup products, and a lower success rate with other products.
"Keeping your Body Butters in the shower can turn out a little, well, melty. Keep your bars in these tins to ensure they don't melt down the drain."(1)

These are not waterproof. Not even in the slightest. So they are not suitable for storage inside your shower. Speaking as someone whose shower is in a little room with no cupboards, this makes this a total fail product!

EDIT: I did talk to a LUSH store assistant about this, and they suggested that the tin isn't leaking, but is gathering condensation when being stored in the shower. They said that this container isn't designed to be stored in the shower, but rather to be taken out of the shower after you're finished and kept out of the water while in the shower. So zero help.

What I Love
- Sturdy, good for travel
- Inexpensive ($6.90ND)
- Reusable

What I Don't Love
- Tin leaks, melts body butter
- The tin rusts after a little while

Final Thoughts
This is a great product to invest in if you have a vanity or sink to leave this in before and after you shower. But do be aware that these are not waterproof, so while you're in the shower if there's no dry-ish place to put this tin, it will get water in it and melt your body butter or whatever else is in there. My shower area is quite small and there is nowhere to leave this tin that doesn't get wet in the shower, so I just ended up having a melted and somewhat disappointing slush of body butter bar. 

I'm mostly disappointed in this wee tin because I have about a million waterproof storage containers that I could have used instead of buying this tin, and also because it stains and rusts. If you're planning on keeping your body butter in the shower, just grab an airtight food container instead, at least it won't melt your $27 body butter bar.


  1. Aw, what a disappointment. If it's any consolation, at least it looks cool? Haha

    1. It's super cute! Until it starts to rust haha


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