Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Review: MAC Aphrodite's Shell

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about MAC's Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder in Aphrodite's Shell! This was a limited edition release from the Alluring Aquatic collection in 2014 so it isn't available to purchase any more, but I thought I'd talk about it anyway! ^.^
The packaging of this product is gorgeous, the textured droplets on the metallic are so interesting and the print on the powder is really cute! It's really different to the rest of my collection which is mostly pastel and cute themed.
This bronzer is a beautiful warm caramel colour and is easy to apply since it's not ridiculously pigmented. I don't end up with a gross orange bronzed stripe across my face, and for that I am grateful! The bronzer does tend to form a sort of film or layer over it if I don't use it regularly (which I don't) which means I have to scratch at it if I want to get any pigment off. This always happens to my limited edition MAC products which is so irritating for me since they're more expensive too! -.-
I quite like using this bronzer, but since my scars are directly in the bronzing zone, bronzing and contouring makes them look a little muddy in all honestly so I don't do it too much. But this bronzer is a lovely colour and is super easy to use (apart from the scratching of the surface).
What I Love
- Gorgeous packaging
- Great for pale skin!
- Easy to use and blend
- Not super pigmented, not easy to overapply

What I Don't Love
- Limited Edition
- Keeps forming a layer over the top that needs to be scratched -.-
Final Thoughts
I really like this bronzer! I wish that I didn't have to scratch the top layer off every time I wanted to use it though, because I do feel like I'm wasting a fair bit of the product doing that. I think for the price ($55NZD) there are probably just as good bronzers on the market, but I really like the colour, how matte this bronzer is and of course the packaging!


  1. i need to look into mac! they have such lovely products!

    Jacynta xx

  2. Haven't tried mac in years. The packaging is pretty I agree.


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