Monday, 15 June 2015

Store Review: Momomango

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the store Momomango! I found this store while looking for, yet again, Etude House Etoinette products, and Momomango had both of the lipsticks I needed to complete the collection!! Then someone bought one and I cried a little (actually a lot). But I bought the other one! :D Momomango does not ship internationally, so I used Youshop to get my package to New Zealand! ^.^

Website Practicality
I find this website really easy to navigate, but a little busy looking for my taste. It has a good search bar and it's easy to register and check out. I find the drop down bars really useful in finding products, making my search for products super simple!

Price Comparison
The prices on Momomango are much higher than I would usually justify, especially considering the shipping charge in combination with the Youshop shipping charge (this one lipstick cost $54NZD all up) but it's worth it to me to try and complete my collection! The prices below are in NZD, as Momomango is in CAD while TesterKorea and Roseroseshop are in USD.

Lipstick $21.36 + Shipping $10.68 = $32.04

Lipstick $15.71NZD + Shipping $4.80 = $20.51

Lipstick $13.21 + Shipping $4.65 = $17.86

Shipping and Packaging
I placed my order on the 22nd of April and received it on the 9th of May. Considering this was sent from Canada to Oregon, and then on to New Zealand using a forwarding company I'm pretty happy with that shipping time! It actually took 5 working days to get to my forwarding address, so if you're living in USA then I guess that's how long it would take for you too!
My package arrived with me well protected with bubble wrap and nothing was harmed. Momomango was kind enough to give me some free samples and a super cute handwritten note! ^.^

I managed to get the shade POR201! ^.^ Of course everyone knows I am obsessed with finishing my Etoinette collection, and this is one of the lipsticks I needed! I just need PPK003 and I will have all of the lipsticks ^.^ My lipstick was in absolutely perfect condition when I received it.

What I Love
- Stocks some hard to find products
- Good, but small selection
- Easy to navigate website
- Quick shipping within USA
- Well packaged for shipping
- Cute handwritten note and samples!

What I Don't Love
- Doesn't ship to New Zealand (extra $33 shipping)
- Pricey products

Final Thoughts
Although I truly enjoyed shopping with Momomango, unless they decide to include worldwide shipping I will probably avoid shopping with them unless absolutely necessary. It does end up costing me $33NZD extra in shipping charges, and the prices are not exactly low to start with, so it's not really justifiable. 

I really liked that they included a super cute handwritten note and samples, the website was pleasant to shop on and the shipping was safe and quick. If you're living in USA or Canada, Momomango could be a great place for you to shop! ^.^

If you would like to make an order with Momomango, you can use my code LPPBlog for $10 off your first order!


  1. Oh, my. Those prices are really high! D: It might be good for Canadians (especially when it comes to customs & delivery times) but I think I'll stick to the Korean ones :(

    Thanks for the review!
    Wing Me a Dream


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