Monday, 1 June 2015

Store Review: Honest Skin

Hello Princesses!

(EDIT Since writing this in May Honest Skin has decided to change address, and all items are currently out of stock)

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Honest Skin! I really wanted to complete my Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher collection, and Honest Skin had the remaining four colours that I needed, I also wanted to purchase the old packaging of the TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Mist, and they had this in stock too! Perfect! ^.^

Website Practicality
I have no real issue with Honest Skin's website, but I do dislike the little scroll tab on the right that follows me down the page. -.- I don't think the site itself is very aesthetically pleasing, the font used is very angular, and it signs you out periodically like Jolse, but it's not awful. I didn't need an intensely complex password like I did with Jolse which I'm thankful for! However, it doesn't quite save your shipping and billing details correctly, so even though I have my address saved in the Address Book I still have to type it out.

 Price Comparison
Honest Skin's prices are definitely higher than where I would usually choose to shop, but they had products in stock that I couldn't find anywhere else, and that made the price worth it!

Honest Skin Cookie Blush - $10.77 + Shipping $0.00 = $10.77
Cosmetic Love Cookie Blush - $6.94 + Shipping $0.00 = $6.94
Roseroseshop Cookie Blush - $4.66 + Shipping $3.56 = $8.22

Shipping and Packaging
I made my order on the 21st of April, and my package arrived on the 6th of May, which is quite a decent in terms of shipping. By the size of the box and packaging, I assumed that all of my purchased products were there. Apparently not. 
Without notifying me, Honestskin sent just one product in this massive box, packed to the brim with bubble wrap. Even though the shipping was free, I'm incredibly peeved that they didn't inform me that they were struggling to find my other purchased products. My purchase was not harmed during shipping due to the absolutely massive amounts of bubble wrap in the box.
I really wanted to complete my Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher collection, and Honest Skin had the remaining four colours that I needed! I couldn't afford all four (because they are so pricey!) so I bought #01 Strawberry Mousse and #08 Blueberry Pie. Honestskin never found these blushes and ended up cancelling my order and refunding my money, yet they are still "in stock" on their website. I also wanted to get the matching old packaging of the TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Mist in Sleek Mist, and again Honest Skin was one of the only places I could find this older product!
IT'S SO CUTE!! I've had the Moist Mist for a year now, and really really wanted the Sleek Mist too, even if it was to just instagram the cuteness to be honest. I love to complete sets, so this was a must-have purchase for me!

What I Love
- Stocks hard to find products
- Free, reasonably fast shipping
- Super safe packaging

What I Don't Love
- NO communication
- Pricey products

Final Thoughts
Although I enjoyed my initial shopping experience with Honest Skin, when the package actually got to me it definitely left a sour taste in my mouth. There were no emails or notifications that my shipping would be split and that they were struggling to find the products that they advertised as in stock on their website. I don't ask for much, but communication about delayed shipping, or products that I've purchased not being shipped is really lazy and annoying. Their pricing is higher than I can justify, so for both of these reasons I will avoid shopping with Honest Skin unless they have a product that I really, truly cannot find anywhere else.


  1. I don't like these overpriced stores :/

    1. If they had great customer service or super quick shipping I could totally justify it, but they don't really. -.-

    2. Yup, or if they had some hard to get item stock, but things like...I saw Holika Holika petit BB for 15 us $ (!!) in one of stores. So I prefer beautynetkorea or jolse, or testerkorea, never had problems with them.

  2. jeez what a fail on their part =_____=

    1. Total fail -.- I guess they didn't know I would review them so they didn't try too hard, but it's still not the best customer service.

  3. Ugh, i'm never too fond when stores sells overpriced products like this, and the lack of comunication is just a nono, i never ordered from them. but now i don't think i'll even try to buy from them...


    1. I'm hoping that their new site is better and the customer service is better! I still probably won't shop there is I can help it though honestly!


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