Friday, 19 June 2015

First Impression: Meow Cosmetics PINK Inc Blush

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about Meow Cosmetics PINK Inc Blush! I got a whole bunch of samples from Meow Cosmetics a little while ago and they got buried in my mounds of samples. I'm hoping to show at least one product from Meow Cosmetics per month (also to break up the skincare First Impressions!) so stay tuned for some reviews on their foundations, eyeshadows and a whole bunch of other stuff!
What Does It Do?
"Recapture your inner: PINK
Experience the musical, lyrical beauty of PINK in sheer wearable blush shades perfect for right now. This special luminous sheer formula is multi dimensional and lightly  translucent, for maximum wearability (or should we say PINKability??) Available in 14 fun, light PINK-hearted shades, sure to help you transcend nearer to your inner PINK." (1)  
"as rare and exquisite as the real thing"

This super soft pink blush is almost invisible on the skin and has a sheer silver sheen. When applied as a blush it gives quite a metallic silver look which I don't particularly like. It also accentuates my pores quite a lot and any uneven skin which I don't like either!
 However, it works really well as a highlighter! If I pack too much on it does look quite pink, but if I use it lightly it gives a gorgeous glowy silver highlight.

"like an orange dreamsicle dipped in cotton candy PINK"
This shade barely shows up on my skin, but like the whole range, makes my pores and uneven skin stand out a lot more. The colour does give me a super cute natural flush, but it just makes my skin look so pock-marked that it's not a flattering look.
Cotton Candy
"sticky sweet - need we say more? y-u-m"
This shade makes it way too easy to go overboard. If I do two layers, I end up looking very, very pink, but if I do one layer I get a sheer, natural colour. This shade also makes my face look very uneven.
"sun drenched PINK/PEACH, warm and ..."
Like Cotton Candy, this shade is was too easy to overdo, making me look like I have bright Orange cheeks. It's also quite orange, rather than peachy pink. This shade also highlights my uneven skin texture.

Would I Purchase These Products?
Perhaps the Dolphin shade, but not the others. I really didn't like how easy it was to go overboard with the more pigmented colours, and the lighter colours were a little too sheer to show colour on my cheeks. I also really didn't like that the emphasized my pores, fine lines and uneven skin texture, so I would not buy these full size.

I would recommend that you try Meow Cosmetics PINK Inc: blush if you like sheer, shimmery blushes, and have gorgeously smooth skin already, you lucky thing! ^.^

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  1. aww, they're super cute, I liked the cooton candy :D You look so beautiful. Thanks for the recommendation.


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