Friday, 5 June 2015

First Impression: TonyMoly Premium The Oriental Gyeol Night Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a really interesting product, the TonyMoly Premium The Oriental Gyeol Night Cream! I don't know where this sample sachet came from, but this was certainly one of the weirder products I've tried out!  
What Does It Do?
"Herbal Night cream to moisturise and give vitamins while sleeping. Elasticity, complexion, moisturise, treat blemishes and pores. Red ginseng oil moisturise.

How to use
Apply at the last step of skin care."(1)

This night cream certainly smells very herbal, but the weirdest part is the texture. It's super thick and gel like, and it has a silicone feel to it, just like a primer. It leaves my skin feeling matte (not sticky or feeling soft and moisturised) but still looks quite shiny.
It did absolutely nothing to treat my blemishes and pores, made my skin feel moderately nourished and moisturised, but I can't really say anything for the elasticity and complexion claims. The biggest thing that weirds me out is that KoreaDepart lists the main  ingredients as Deer Antlers Collagen and Paracress Extract. What? 

Would I Purchase This Product?
Nope. This product was an all round weird experience for me, and even if the Night Cream doesn't contain Deer Antlers Collagen, it still did nothing much for my skin apart from moisturise it a little bit.

Is Deer Antler Collagen a thing, or just a translation error? Tell me about any products you've used with this intriguing ingredient!

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