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Review: Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumers! I bought these super cute products from various places, but they are still available to purchase while I write this, which is fantastic because they're super cute ^.^
"What it is
- Dreaming Swan Collection by 'Etude House X Kerrie Hess'
- A Pearl-Cream multi shadow that absorbed brightly and smoothly on every area that needs dazzling shimmer.

1. Crystal shine pearl: Transparently and delicately shiny pearl that makes moisturized lovely eyes.
2. Clear pearl expression: Powerful instant fitting system keeps pearl not to fall out for delicate and clear pearl expression.
3. Volume multi texture: Bounce-up gel type texture to express 3D-effect volume.
4. Moisturising texture: Non-sticky and moisturising texture to provide shiny volume on broad area.

How to apply

Apply a certain amount by gently dabbing onto areas that need dazzling shimmer such as under the eyes or the bridge of nose."(1)
These Shine Volumers are housed in the most adorable packaging with pointe shoes and bows on the cap! This is the same print used on the lipstick tubes from this collection. They're nice and sturdy, easy to store and would travel really well.
The official Etude House online store has the wrong shade names listed on their site (which is ridiculous), the shade names I've listed are from the packaging! The Shine Volumers are really glittery and rather thick in texture. They look incredibly similar when I turn them towards the sunlight, but have different colours in the shade.

When sheered out you can see the different texture and ratio of glitter to shimmer. Dreaming Swan has hardly any colour when sheered out and is incredibly glittery, while Shine Toe Shoes is all shimmer and no glitter. Twinkly Toe Shoes has a even ratio of shimmer and glitter

1: Dreaming Swan
The first shade is a brilliant white with pink and purple flecks of glitter and shimmer.
I found it really weird that the applicator for this product is so big! It's not a doe foot applicator like you'd find on a lip product, but just a big fluffy tube. It's too big to fit in the corner of my eye, so I need to use a smaller brush to apply it. The wand isn't as tickly as the Etude House Tear Drop Liners though, so that's definitely a plus for me! ^.^
The formula is quite thick and the brush picks up a lot of product, so I might have needed to use a different brush to apply it anyway. I found this shade the most difficult of the shades to pick up on camera, but it looks lovely in real life! I believe this shade is similar to the Tear Drop Liner in the shade White (the only one I don't own) but is different enough to the Pearl shade that I can justify keeping both.
This shade chunked up the most when applied under my eye. I think because it has so much glitter in it! I need to apply this really thinly  to stop this happening, which makes the colour a lot less vibrant.

2: Shine Toe Shoes
Shine Toe Shoes was the shade I was most excited to try as it's a gorgeous champagne gold colour!
This has the same massive applicator and thick formula.
This shade contains more shimmer than glitter and is absolutely gorgeous! It gives my eyes a gorgeous, more natural shine. It was the easiest to apply (still using a smaller brush) because it doesn't really have a lot of glitter
This is the only shade I can bear to use as a highlighter, because I dislike glittery highlights. It's intense. Much more intense than I would wear on a daily basis, but if you were going out or performing I think it would do a good job! It looks absolutely hideous as a nose highlighter, I do not recommend trying that.

3: Twinkling Tutu
The third shade is called Shiny Tutu, and is a gorgeous, rich gold colour, almost more of a bronze than gold!
This of course has the same massive applicator wand and thick formula.

This shade is nice, but nothing truly spectacular in my opinion! It's easier to apply than the first shade; Dreaming Swan, but not as good as Shine Toe Shoes. This shade it too dark for me to use as a face highlighter, but looks quite nice in the corners of my eyes!

What I Love
- Gorgeous shades
- Cute packaging
- Super shimmery
- Lasts really well on the eyes
- Inexpensive ($7.50USD)
- Mostly easy to apply
- Sets dry quite quickly

What I Don't Love
- Applicator wand is massive
- Not really suitable as a facial highlighter
- Dreaming Swan is tricky to apply
- Limited Edition

Final Thoughts
These Shine Volumers are absolutely gorgeous, but if you already own Etude House's Tear Drop Liners you don't really need both (unless you are a packaging/makeup hoarder like me!). The massive wand is honestly so hard to use around the eyes, and I just don't feel like these Shine Volumers are suitable for highlighting the face because they are so pigmented, but if you love an intense highlight then you go for it! I love how all three shades look as tear liners so that's what I'll use them for! They last a long time and set quickly, so if you make a mistake you need to clean it up quickly! Also the glitter herpes is real with the Dreaming Swan shade if you do need to clean up, glitter will get everywhere and stay there until you thoroughly clean it off.

I would definitely recommend these Shine Volumers to any Princesses that are after an insane highlight, or a lovely tear liner, as long as you're prepared to use a smaller brush to apply it! ^.^


  1. wow, Really love how they look, I was really curious about them <3 Thanks for the review°

    1. Thank you! You're definitely welcome for the review! (:

  2. The shine toe shoes looks really beautiful in you.. :)


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