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Review: Tony Moly 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about Tony Moly's 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow! If you're frowning at my spelling of tattoo, I'm aware of how to spell it, but this product is spelt "tatoo", and no, I don't know why. This product very nearly made it into my "Fail Product Reviews" because it just doesn't last for 7 days. But I still find value in using this product, so here we are! ^.^
I was incredibly interested to read the product description from Kococolor which was a little different to the other companies product description. I really commend them for making these additions (highlighted) to the description because since I find this product quite different to what it claims.

"TonyMoly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow Pen Temporary Liquid Tattoo
Mild ion pigments and a high molecule polymer absorbs into your skin and stays on for 3~4 days.
You can go swimming or take a long bath without worries!!
It’s made with natural ingredients so it’s hypo-allergenic and safe to use.
It dyes skin cell and naturally fades in 3~4 days.

#1 Natural Brown for light/fair skin tone with light brown to Warm tone, Orange tone hair color.  No good for blond hair.  If your hair is blond, it may look red or orange.

#2 Dark Brown for Normal to dark/tanned skin tone with medium to dark hair color.

‘7-day tattoo’ is name of the product and it does not actually last 7 days.  With proper usage, it will last 3~4 days.  *No good for blond hair.

How to Use
Use before going to bed at night.

After washing face, towel dry.   Do not put on your skincare products as it may decrease the effect of tattoo eyebrow. Don’t let the brush tip get any dirt, oil, or water.
With the brush tip, slowly draw and fill your eyebrows to make desired shape.
First application should be drawn darker than your regular eyebrow makeup.
If you need to fix the shape, please do so before drying completely.
Don’t put on your skincare products directly on the eyebrows while drying 7 Days Tattoo.
Go to bed without washing it off.
Approximately 6 hours after the application, the color will settle on your skin.
Re-apply as needed in 3~4days for a continual tattoo effect.

Color or results may vary depending on skin types.

**Do not use as an eyeliner.

**While using this product, do not use scrub directly on the eyebrows."

I chose the colour Dark Brown because while I have very, very dark brown coloured hair, my eyebrows are black. I'm very pleased that this is a cool toned brown rather than a warm toned brown, because I much prefer cool tones on my brows. ^.^ The tip is very fine, allowing me to create small single hair strokes on my brows. It gives a very natural finish!
My left eyebrow has a scar right where my arch should be, which means I shape my eyebrows a little differently due to the fact that there is scar tissue there, which doesn't hold powder or grow any hair. The Tattoo Eyebrow does stick to the scar tissue (yay!) but it does wear off faster there than anywhere else on my brows.

While using this product, I found that I could not wash my brows at all. I use a clarisonic, and on the morning of Day 3 I used my clarisonic in the shower and cleaned the tops of my brows a little, resulting in a lot of lost colour.
My right eyebrow is quite full, but is a little misshapen under the arch from beauticians over plucking when I was a teen. The Tatoo Eyebrow works quite well on this brow since there is no scar tissue.

For both brows the colour lasts well as long as you don't cleanse it, or rub them while they're wet. You can totally shower and rinse your face, or swim with this product staying strong and bold, it won't bleed or run either! However, the colour fades for sure after day 4. It starts to get very orange, day 5 looks really yellow, almost like a bruise and by Day 6 the colour is completely gone.

The best way to use this product is to just touch up when you need it. This will stop any patches from going too discoloured or loosing colour all together. I like to touch up in the morning rather than at night because I sleep on my face, and it makes the colour smudge a little!

What I Love
- I can go to sleep with eyebrows and wake up with eyebrows
- Easy to apply
- Inexpensive ($9USD)
- Super easy to make natural, single stroke brow hairs
- Water-proof, swim and shower proof

What I Don't Love
- Have to be so delicate around the tattoo colouring so it doesn't rub off
- Fades after 4 days
- Fades to orange and yellow tones, not the best looking
- Not so much product in the pen, maybe 10 brow applications

Final Thoughts
I both love and hate this product! I love that it's super easy to apply, adheres well to scar tissue and bald patches, and that it's waterproof! It makes travelling an absolute breeze (especially if you are flying because it's quite a lot smaller than an brow palette!), but I don't like that I have to be really aware of not cleaning my eyebrows accidentally while cleaning my face. I think this is an amazing product for people who are lazy in the morning, because you can do your eyebrows, sleep, and wake up looking fabulous! ^.^


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I don't know if I'd use a tattoo eyebrow, but I do like how much faster it would make my makeup routine.

    xo Azu

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