Monday, 8 June 2015

Fail Product: The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about The Body Shop's Luxury Facial Flannel! I purchased this because I wanted to try something new, as opposed to repurchasing my old faithful facial flannel from The Body Shop. Obviously this didn't go so well for me.
"This super-soft flannel is the perfect partner for facial washes and dries quickly.
• Enhances cleansing

• Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother

• Quick drying" (1)

I really dislike this flannel. It feels rubbery, almost like I'm rubbing a wetsuit on my face. It does an average job at helping me remove foaming or cream cleansers (I don't like splashing my face with water ok) but when I use exfoliators, the flannel doesn't wipe off the little scrubby bits! What's the point? It doesn't make my face feel better, and it doesn't feel like it rinses off the product incredibly well either, I can still feel a little residue on my skin.

I do love that this flannel dries super quickly! It does dry to a stiff fabric which is a little weird, but it makes for a great travel companion!

What I Love
- Dries quickly, great for travel!

What I Don't Love
- Feels like a wetsuit
- Doesn't wipe off exfoliator?
- Doesn't make my face feel any softer
- Doesn't enhance cleaning

Final Thoughts
I really don't like using this flannel! Even though it only cost me $9.75NZD I still have buyers regret because it feels like I'm rubbing a wetsuit on my face! It's just so weird, so so weird. I also really don't like that it doesn't remove the exfoliator from my face, although it's ok with foam or cream cleansers. It's not a terrible flannel, but it's definitely weird.

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