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Review - Perhaps Unicorn

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Perhaps Unicorn facial massager in Rose Quartz! I've always been quite intrigued with facial massaging tools, I've been massaging my face with my fingers ever since I started using Rosehip Oil back in 2013 purely as a method to let the oil absorb better and not leave an oily residue on my skin. Before we get much further into the review, I would like to note that I am a novice at facial massage and still have a lot to learn! This review will mostly be about the tool, but I also have a short video showing how I use it.

"Our range of natural and hand crafted facial massage tools were created due to popular demand. Many massage tools are available today made of plastic and less then skin friendly materials and our friendly Neighbourhood Unicorn knew there was a better way to create the much desired toned and slim face naturally. 
All our Unicorn Facial Massagers are
Made of 100% natural gemstones
Hand-crafted and polished
Gentle on the skin
Is just heavy enough to use
Contain natural gemstone variations which makes your unicorn massage unique to you
Comes in a velvet pouch to store your massager carefully

You will not regret adding a Perhaps Unicorn massager into your skincare routine!"

"Rose quartz is referred to often as the "Love Stone." It represents unconditional love and opens the heart chakra. Rose quartz allows you to attract all types of love into your life: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional. Rose quartz has high energy, and this strong energy can enhance love in virtually any situation.

Bringing love in to life and daily situations not only brings inner warmth, but it also lowers stress and soothes those around it. Rose quartz is a very happy and loving stone.

Each Perhaps Unicorn Massager comes in a recycled paper board box with its own protective velvet pouch so you can take your Unicorn where-ever your go." 

This little tool is absolutely gorgeous. It's pink and has unicorns on it, how could I not love it! It's also quite unique, mine has a small brown vein running through it, making it just a little imperfect, but very personal. Even though I could gush about it's cuteness for hours, it's also quite practical and well designed for the contours of the face, the rounded edges make it glide over the face nicely without any excess tugging.

This type of facial massage is called Gua Sha 刮痧 (Gwa-Sha) and is traditionally done using a tool made from a buffalo horn, jade, porcelain or stone. Gua Sha is done almost everywhere on the body and causes bruises (or sha) to appear. These bruises disappear in minutes or days depending on how ruthless the massage was, mine have never lasted more than five minutes on the face.

Gua Sha is said to make the face slimmer, help fight the signs of ageing and improve blood circulation, all by massaging the face. A properly done Gua Sha will push all the toxins in the face to the lymph nodes by the ears, and drain it out through the neck. There is a common misconception that doing Gua Sha will make your face loose weight, and this is simply not true. It does help tone the face, therefore making the face slightly slimmer, but if you don't practice facial massage regularly your face will return to the size it was before. Kind of like going to the gym regularly and then stopping.

There are only two things you will need for this massage, a massaging tool and a lubricating oil! I prefer to use Triologys Rosehip Oil because it has great anti-ageing and skin toning benefits. I've made a little demonstrative video to show you how I do my massage! ^.^
What I Love
- Super cute
- Well priced $25USD
- Really easy to use
- Well designed to fit contours of the face
- Helps tone my face (I lose 5mm)

What I Don't Love
- $15USD international shipping

Final Thoughts
I really like using my Perhaps Unicorn facial massaging tool! I love that it's cute and pink, it's easy to use and at $25USD it's well priced. The international shipping charge is pretty high, so I would really suggest doing a group order if you would like to purchase these cute little tools. This tool makes Gua Sha super easy, it tones my face and makes me feel like I'm helping the blood circulation better in my face as well as improving the overall skin tone and helping me age gracefully (although I have absolutely no proof that it's doing anything other than toning my face).


  1. Hello! I've recently started on facial massage. I've got a question to ask, how long should I spend on each section of the face?

    1. I started out with two minutes on each section, Forehead, Eyes, Cheeks and Chin, but it's best to customise it for yourself! If you feel you need more time on your cheeks and less on your forehead you can move the times around (:

    2. I see. Really loving the feeling of the massage! It's so relaxing!! Thanks so much for your help

  2. Hi Becca, I wonder how long can I use this tool? Do I have to repurchase it after a period of time? Thank you.

    1. Hi there! I don't think they expire, so you shouldn't have to repurchase (:

  3. Love this post!
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