Friday, 17 April 2015

First Impression: Etude House Shea Butter Nutrifull Sleeping Pack

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Shea Butter Nutrifull Sleeping Pack! I found this little tester lurking around the bottom of my sample drawer and I have absolutely no idea where it has come from, but in true Etude House style, it has adorable packaging, even for a sample!
What Does It Do?
Enriched with Ecocert, certified Organic Shea Butter and Cloudberry ingredient, this overnight leave-in treatment forms a moisture barrier to nourish and moisturize for a supple, radiant skin by morning.
This sleeping pack feels like a mixture between a cream and a gel, and leaves a shiny sheen across my skin after application. This is quite typical of a sleeping pack, which are generally designed to be slowly absorbed into the skin during the night. I don't find this product to be overly sticky or heavy, it literally just feels like a regular moisturizer after 10mintues of absorption. It has a faint smell of flowers mixed with she butter which is quite pleasant. I didn't see any special results from this sleeping pack, apart from moisturizing my skin to the same level as my day time moisturizer.
Would I Purchase This Product?
No. This sleeping pack did absolutely nothing for me that a regular moisturizer wouldn't, apart from taking 10minutes to sink into my skin. I read quite a few reviews searching for information about what looks to be a discontinued product, and quite a few of the girls said this made their skin feel really oily. I have combo skin, and it didn't make me feel overly oily, but rather just the same amount of oil production as I would normally get while using a regular moisturizer!

Have you tried this product? Did it make your skin oilier than normal, or did it have very little effect?

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