Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Review: NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the new NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder in the shade Snow! I purchased this loose powder in a joint deal with the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Taipei because I'm a massive sucker for discounted makeup.  
This foundation is packaged in the typical NARS black box with the irritating clear sticker (so unappealing). The powder itself is housed in the regular NARS Powder jar with the matte black cap that holds onto dirt and foundation stains like it's going out of fashion. Once these get dirty it's ridiculously difficult to get them clean again! You can already see fingerprints on mine already from getting it out of the cardboard.
The powder sieve has quite small holes, and there have been some complaints that it doesn't let enough power out. I don't have any issue with it at all, but I do store my powders sideways so there is always enough powder in the cap for me!
"An innovative, light-reflecting tinted loose powder that reduces the look of shine and seamlessly sets foundation. 

Featuring Photochromic Technology to diffuse light across the skin, this silky loose powder glides across the skin to absorb oil and reduce the appearance of shine. Light-optimising particles optically fade the look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, whilst the powder sets your foundation without leaving a trace of colour."(2)
This is the shade Snow, and it is super pale! This is not white, and it's not translucent, but it's a really lovely neutral colour that has the ability to pale out your skin ever so slightly which is perfect for fair girls that struggle to match foundations. It does say that it leaves no trace of colour, but it depends on how heavy handed you are!
I find that if I use a big fluffy brush to use this powder I end up using way too much and make my face look cakey. I generally use a stippling brush to get the powder evenly applied without being too heavy handed.
I find that this powder does an excellent job at masking pores, but I didn't see a difference with my fine lines. I don't think this powder controls oil at all, but it's no worse than my regular translucent setting powders. If I use this powder with a pore smoothing primer I have a lovely smooth face, almost like being airbrushed.
 I can clearly see a difference between the side that has been powdered and the side that hasn't!
However, I find that this powder emphasizes the cakey, gross looking separation of product that happens to my face when I wear NARS Sheer Glow! (I don't have this problem with my beloved BB Creams and this powder though). I need to bring a brush to blend the product back into my skin after 3 hours, and afterwards it will look fine, but man it's unappealing to look at. The Soft Velvet Loose Powder doesn't cause this separation, but it does emphasize it.

What I Love
- Great colour for pale princesses
- Beautiful blurring effect for skin (like being airbrushed)
- Easy to apply

What I Don't Love
- Does nothing for my oily skin
- On the pricier side
- Emphasizes cakey foundation
Final Thoughts
I love that this powder gives me a super flawless finish, and when I use it with pore primers (I love Benefit Porefessional) it gives me the most flawless finish possible, almost like I airbrushed my pores away. I don't think it particularly controls shine or oil at all, so blotting papers are necessary for me as always, and this is definitely a pricey product. I think it's a great product for anyone who struggles with big pores, but I certainly don't think it's a necessity. I have no regrets spending $60NZD on this! ^.^

Have you tried the Soft Velvet Loose Powder? Did it play nicely with your skin type?


  1. Perhaps this would work better for you as a finishing powder rather than a setting powder?

    1. An interesting concept, are you meaning that I should set my makeup with a different powder and use this one over the top of that for pore blurring effects??

    2. Yes exactly, use oil controlling powder to lock makeup in then finishing powder to add effects.


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