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Review: Cosmetic Love (Part Three)

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be sharing the last part of my Cosmetic Love review! ^^

This section will include all of the skincare items and extra items.

Etude House - Collagen Eye Gel Patch
I was really excited to try this product, it sounded so promising!    

Hydro-gel under eye patches formulated with collagen to revitalize and improve appearance around eyes.
 The patches were very thin, but had heaps of product on them! (I actually re-soaked them and used them twice since there was SO much in there!) I found that this product made absolutely no different to my under eye area. It was only a little expensive, but I would not re-purchase.

Etude House - Black Charcoal Chin Pack Aloe Vera 
I didn't have particularly high hopes for this Chin Pack, but since my chin-acne is a little gross I thought I'd give it a go! 

Formulated with black charcoal additives to remove oil and pore deep sebum. Patch tightens pores and contains Aloe Vera to improve chin complexion.
It was actually really smelly! After peeling it off I found that there were little bits of the sticky black stuff stuck to my face, which was not attractive! It doesn't really do any of the things it promises, but it was under $5 so it was worth a try! But I would not re-purchase.
Here's a photo of me looking super cute with the Collagen Eye Patches and Chin Pack. ^^

Etude House - Black Head Remover Dual Sheet
 I also picked this one up on the off chance that it would work!

Two stage blackhead removal and care system formulated with fruit and herbal extracts:

Step 1: Black Head Remover Sheet [Vol. 3ml (0.10 fl.oz.)] is formulated with a fruit complex to supply Alpha Hydroxy Acids for mild skin peel exfoliation.
The remover sheet draws out pore residues for wipe off removal. Contains Orange, Lemon and Grape extracts.

Step 2: Tightening Gel Sheet [Vol. 1.2g (0.04 oz.)] is formulated with fresh herbs to heal and soothe pores. The gel sheet tightens and nourishes pores with cooling sensation. Contains Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint.

    However that was not to be. ><

The first nose patch was REALLY smelly. Not in a pleasant way.  I didn't really feel like the nose patches worked at all for my skin. I would not re-purchase.

Etude House - Drawing Eye Brow Pencil (No.2)
I decided to purchase a square shaped eyebrow pencil in the grey brown shade. Usually I would choose a straight brown shade, but I felt that the shades didn't really work with my skintone and haircolour!
 I'm actually pretty impressed with this pencil! I can't say that it's the best I've ever tried, but nor can I say that it's below average.
I would probably re-purchase this if I couldn't find something else that looked better.

Etude House - Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails 6 Colors (Kiss of Fire) 
I really really really really wanted to get the colour set Mint Frappe but they have been sold out for months :/ So I settled with my favorite colour, Pink! ^^
The bottles are quite small, but there is more than enough polish for me!
You can create a gradient effect, or you can use the colours on their own! I would definitely re-purchase these in ALL the colours! ^^

Etude House - Tear Drop Powder Eyes Diamond Pearl (Crystal Gold Tear)
This seems to be a variant on the tear drop liner, although it has a very different look!
It's a very sheer powder, and looks amazing on!

I love to use this on my lids and inner corner for extra pretty glittery stage make-up!  

This is the powder after 2 hours of orchestral performance.
I have to say that the pot is not great, it's very hard to get the powder out without getting it absolutely everywhere (and we all know glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts). The powder doesn't come with a brush to fit, and since the opening is very skinny I have to use my fingers to use the powder. 

Having said that, it's a gorgeous product, I would definitely purchase the other colours!
Lioele -Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream #1 Gorgeous Purple (Sample)
I decided to order the sample size of Lioele's BB cream to see if it would match my skin-tone! I'd heard such great things about this BB cream, and I had to see for myself!
The fresh BB cream is a shade of pale purple/grey.
 As soon as you start applying the BB cream is starts oxidizing to "match" your skintone!
I tried the BB Cream on the top of my hand (relatively tan) and the bottom of my wrist (relatively pale) You can see that their is a slight colour difference, but it still looks rather too dark for my skin tone.
I have applied concealer on my left half, and concealer and Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream on the right half.
Full face of BB Cream
I found that the BB Cream was lightweight, yet had decent coverage. It covered the majority of my scars as well as my large pores.
In fact I loved everything to do with this BB Cream apart from the colour. It's just slightly too dark for my liking. It looks ok on camera, but in real life it's not practical. Much to my disappointment!
If you are not super pale, I would totally recommend this BB Cream! It's only downfall is that it only comes in one shade.

TONYMOLY - Baby Doll Pot Concealer (Light Beige)
I'm going to come straight out and say it. 
I LOVE this concealer!
Unfortunately after about 2 weeks of using it as much as I needed, I lost it. I will be re-ordering it since it's the most perfect concealer I have ever had, and at a very reasonable price!
This is the only photo I have at the moment, but I will try to photograph it again when I receive my new one! You'll just have to take my word for it in the meantime ;)

This concludes my three part review/haul from Cosmetic Love!


  1. I was thinking about buying those etude patches but i tought they wouldn't do anything for me, i think i was right :x hehe the lioele bb cream comes in 2 shades... one purple and one green the purple one is the lightest one while and green is darker and more yellow toned :x And this bb cream doesn't oxidize, it have little pigment balls on it that when you rub it they dissolve giving the bb cream some color :x you can't apply that bb cream with brush :x This tony moly concealer looks quite pigmented x.x it's true? :x

    1. Ooooh I didn't know about the wee balls in the BB Cream! I might have to research a little more and update my info! >< Yes, the Concealer is very pigmented, but also very smooth and easy to apply! Plus it's only $6.50USD >< Crazy price.

  2. such a honest and kawaii post, loved reading it
    xoxo lee

  3. "Glitter Herpes" hahahaha xD I do like the look of that glitter though. Wonder if that BB cream would suit my skintone. Hmm.

    1. Haha once you have glitter you can never get rid of it! >< I have some testers that are too dark for me if you want to try a variety! I also have a polish for you!

  4. Hi Lauren!

    Loved the review! I need a new concealer so maybe I should pick up the TonyMoly one soon.

    I have decided to nominate you for the prestigious Liebster award. Please check my blog for more details.

    Have a lovely day ^^

    Y-OONYEE [click here]

    1. Thank you very much! ^^ I totally recommend the Tony Moly concealer!

  5. hello lauren!

    the patches seem not to help i have also tried that too before sleep and hoping that will improve my eyes. =(

    i also love that drawing eyebrow pencil! its easy to use and i love how it appears on my brows!

    1. I was so disappointed by the patches too :/ They just sounded SO promising! I was surprised the eyebrow pencil worked so well! It's my first square/triangular shaped tip ^^

  6. Oh my god. I love the Etude nail polish trio. ♥ I never knew you could buy nail polishes online. I feel so deprived now. But seriously - you can get nail polish from overseas? Last time my friend ordered nail polish, her entire package didn't come - I guess it must've gotten lost not seized hehe.

    Love the post! ♥ x ♥

    1. They are SO cute right! :D I think nail polish is not great being bought from overseas since it's seen as a dangerous substance, (flammable etc) but if the company/friend marks "cosmetics" instead of nail polish on the customs declaration attached to the box then it's usually fine! ^^

  7. Omg that pic hahahahaha!

    I think that BB cream looks super good on you. I've been using that eyebrow pencil lately and it doesn't have the best staying power but I love the applicator and the fact that it comes in all shades!

    1. Haha it's the ONLY photo I have of me using the products ><

      Ah the window light tends to even out the colours a fair bit, but in reality the BB cream is like 2-3 shades too dark >< I should really take pictures not in the direct light!

  8. I love your reviews! I can't wait for more from you! :D Totally subbing!~

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